Blackout Times Examples

Since working with blackout times tends to not be a focus of regular schedule setup, we have noticed that people sometimes need step-by-step instructions on one specific detail, even though they already know how to use other parts of WCONLINE®.

While working with blackout times is not difficult, making changes tends to need more detailed instructions because both new and longer-term customers have to make changes at some unexpected point, such as when a tutor has just changed their whole course schedule.

The examples here are probably more than you will need; there is no requirement to read the whole chapter.

If you are reading through the manual as an introduction to WCONLINE®, just remember that these examples are here to use later if needed.

Chapter Sections

SECTION 1: Chapter Explanation & Quick Links

SECTION 2: Any Permanent or Repeating Change

SECTION 3: Add Hours (Have a Tutor Stay Later)

SECTION 4: Add Hours (Have a Tutor Arrive Earlier)

SECTION 5: Add Hours (Eliminate a Break)

SECTION 6: Add Hours (Eliminate any Blackout)

SECTION 7: Add Hours When the Tutor is Not on the Schedule

SECTION 8: Add Hours (In the Middle of a Blackout)

SECTION 9: Reduce Hours (Have a Tutor Leave Early)

SECTION 10: Reduce Hours (Have an Afternoon Tutor Start Later)

SECTION 11: Reduce Hours (Have a Morning Tutor Start Later)

SECTION 12: Reduce Hours (Add a Break)

SECTION 13: Reduce Hours (Remove a Tutor From a Day)

SECTION 14: Other Changes: What if a Tutor is Sick?

SECTION 15: Other Changes: Trading Shifts

SECTION 16: Other Changes: Move Hours to Another Day

SECTION 17: Other Changes: Move Hours on a Day

SECTION 18: Schedule Changes: Lengthening Open Hours

SECTION 19: Schedule Changes: Shortening Open Hours

SECTION 20: Schedule Changes: Opening an Additional Day

SECTION 21: Three Things Not To Do

SECTION 22: QUESTIONS: Blackouts Are Not...