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Blackout Times Examples


Since working with blackout times tends to not be a focus of regular schedule setup, and administrators use blackout times to respond to a staff member's change of availability, step-by-step instructions on one specific detail tend to help.

If you are using chapter headings to glance over a few details as an introduction to WCONLINE, just remember that these examples are here to use later if needed.

Note that, if you are using slot scheduling, you will see "slot," or your term for slots as defined in language options in Global System Settings, instead of times. Since time-based scheduling is more common and times allow us to give a variety of examples, almost all our instructions refer to times. You can read our instructions assuming that, for example, replacing "10:00am" with "slot 1" works in every scenario.

Chapter Sections

SECTION 1: Chapter Explanation

SECTION 2: Any Permanent or Repeating Change

SECTION 3: Blackouts with Slot Scheduling

SECTION 4: Tutor Would Like to Make Their Shift Longer

SECTION 5: Tutor Would Like to Make Their Shift Shorter

SECTION 6: Tutor Needs a Break Added

SECTION 7: Tutor Needs a Blackout Removed (Such as Removing a Break)

SECTION 8: Tutor is Unavailable All Day and Needs Time Opened Up

SECTION 9: Same As Above With Slot Scheduling

SECTION 10: Tutor Would Like to be Out for a Whole Day

SECTION 11: What if a Tutor is Sick?

SECTION 12: Moving or Trading Hours

SECTION 13: Extending Open Hours of a Schedule

SECTION 14: Shortening Open Hours of a Schedule

SECTION 15: Opening an Additional Day of the Week

SECTION 16: Ask Us About Using Blackouts Instead of...