We have instructional videos available to address common needs, such as an overview or "walk-through," instructions on setting up a schedule for a new semester, and examples of working with blackout times.

Chapter Sections

SECTION 1: List of Videos

SECTION 2: TRANSCRIPT: "Walk-Through 1: Registration, Appointments, Forms"

SECTION 3: TRANSCRIPT: "Walk-Through 2: More Customization and Setup"

SECTION 4: TRANSCRIPT: "Creating a New Schedule on a New Site (Starting With 'Center Schedule')"

SECTION 5: TRANSCRIPT: "Examples of Working With Blackout Times"

SECTION 6: TRANSCRIPT: "Three Possible Questions About Blackout Times"

SECTION 7: TRANSCRIPT: "Creating New Schedules for a New Semester"

SECTION 8: TRANSCRIPT: "Introduction to WCONLINE: Overview of Features"