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Form Setup: System Forms

Form Setup: FAQ (Data, Missing Questions, and More)

This section provides questions and answers on a variety of topics related to form setup and the access of form data.  Be sure to also review the Form Setup: System Forms manual pages as questions answered there are not duplicated here.

Where can I find my form data?

The System Statistics Report shows results from all your forms. Drop-down, checkbox, and Likert answers can be counted automatically and are displayed in graphs with numbers and percentages. Under each area in the report, you can click "view answers" to see answers to fill-in and longer "textarea" answers--with numbers if any answers are the same as others. More information about System Statistics is available in the dedicated manual entry on that report.

If you would like to see or work with data in any way that is not already in one of the reports, use System Data Export to export data into a spreadsheet that can be opened in programs such as Microsoft Excel and Apple Numbers. Questions from your forms become column headings on the spreadsheet, so you can sort the file by any of your questions. More information about the export is available in the dedicated manual entry on that tool.

Even after typing "TEXTAREA" in a "Possible Answers" field, the large text box doesn't display.  Help?

Can Be Textarea LabelingMost forms support large fill-in text areas, where individuals can enter freeform text blocks in response to a question prompt.  Text areas, though, are only supported by questions that are labeled "CAN BE TEXTAREA" beside the question.  You are limited to two text areas per form (although you can certainly ask multiple questions be answered in a single text area).  

If you add the word "TEXTAREA" to a question that isn't marked as "CAN BE TEXTAREA," then the program will simply ignore that and present a short fill-in answer field.  If you typed "TEXTAREA" and are not seeing the corresponding large fill-in area on the form, you most likely attempted to add "TEXTAREA" to a form question that doesn't support that feature.

Why would a question be missing from one of my forms?

If a question doesn't appear on one of your forms, the most likely reason is that there isn't text entered in the QUESTION field for that question.  If a question field is blank, then the program will not show that question on a given form.

If a question is missing from your appointment form, it's possible that that question is tied to an appointment form on a different schedule.  In that case, go to Form Setup: Appointments and set the question to appear on the appropriate schedules, or set the question to appear on every schedule.  More information on the LIMIT TO SPECIFIC SCHEDULES setting is available near the bottom of the manual entry on Form Setup: Appointments.

How can I change my forms?

Because of the multiple ways that form questions can be updated and changed, we've devoted an entire section of the manual to that topic.  Please visit that page for extensive information on this topic. 

Form Setup: System Forms

SECTION 1: Form Setup: Appointments

SECTION 2: Form Setup: Client Reports

SECTION 3: Form Setup: Registrations

SECTION 4: Updating Forms: Suggestions and Considerations

SECTION 5: Form Setup: FAQ (Data, Missing Questions, and More)

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