Mass Email Tool

Use a mass email to communicate any information you would like to via email.

Within the Mass Email Tool, there are options to send a mass email to all registered clients (including non-administrators and administrators), administrators, clients with appointments on a specific schedule, clients with future appointments on a specific schedule, and a selection of clients.

Any of WCONLINE®'s emails that go to more than one address are bcc-ed, so clients do not see anyone else's email address or know who else received the email. Mass emails are copied to the system email address entered in Global System Settings, so you will usually receive your own mass email at least once.

With a long list of emails, such as if you are emailing all registered clients, WCONLINE® is programmed to send the email very quickly--but not necessarily instantly. If your email takes a second to send, please avoid clicking on the "send email" button multiple times. (Clicking 50 times, for example, would produce too many copies of the same email, and your university is likely to blackhole that email as spam.)

Chapter Sections

SECTION 1: Send a Mass Email

SECTION 2: QUESTIONS: Surveys and Images