System Data Export

If you would like to sort and combine data in ways that are not already built into WCONLINE®'s reports, use System Data Export, under System Utilities & Reports, to download data as an Excel file on your computer.

You can choose to export any of the data collected in WCONLINE®, and the exports (except survey data) include registration data. This means, for example, you could work with all registration and appointment data in one Excel file. If you need to compare or combine data from WCONLINE® with other university data, use the export to work with all your WCONLINE® data in Excel.

Remember that System Statistics, System Utilization, and the Master Appointment Report sort and limit appointments, perform calculations, and can be run per student, per schedule, by date range, and so on. It might be possible to answer the same question using, for example, System Statistics and the export of appointment data.

Chapter Sections

SECTION 1: Use System Data Export