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Module Setup: Survey

Survey Setup and Use

In Module Setup: Survey (which you'll find under the "System Configuration" section of the Welcome menu), you'll find a variety of options for setting up your post-session survey.  Within WCONLINE, the post-session survey is truly anonymous and is typically used to solicit feedback from clients after they meet with a member of your staff.  As with all control panels, be sure to hover over the blue question marks within the control panel in order to find suggestions and more information about each configuration option.

Once you've configured your survey, it will be available without logging in at https://[your WCONLINE url]/survey.php.  That link is also shown at the top of the control panel.  Keep in mind that you only have one survey available within a given WCONLINE subscription.  For centers sharing a subscription, you can certainly preface questions with things like, "If this was a Math Lab appointment..." in order to collect center-specific post-session data.  Finally, because the survey is available without logging in to WCONLINE, it requires the completion of a CAPTCHA to ensure that a human (and not an automated spam bot) is completing the form.  The CAPTCHA is removed if the survey is set to be available to "logged-in administrators" only (as described below).

Module Setup: Survey Control Panel OverviewConfiguration Options

ENABLE SURVEY: There are several available methods for inviting clients to complete the survey:

  • No: The system will prevent anyone (except logged in administrators) from accessing the survey.  In effect, this is the "off" setting for the survey.
  • Yes. Email invitations to clients after the entry of the client report form for their appointment: If this option is selected, the system will send a client an email requesting that they complete the online survey once a staff member has completed the post-session client report form for a given appointment.  If a client has multiple appointments in a given day, they will receive multiple survey invitations--one for each appointment.
  • Yes. Email invitations nightly to all clients who kept their appointment during the previous day: If this option is selected, the system will send a client an email requesting that they complete the online survey automatically at the end of the day (as long as the appointment wasn't canceled or marked missed).  This setting allows for clients to be invited to take the survey regardless of whether a staff member enters a client report form.  If a client has multiple appointments in a given day, they will receive multiple survey invitations--one for each appointment.
  • Yes, but do not send invitations to clients: This option activates the survey so that it can be accessed and used; however, clients will have to be directed to the survey as they will not receive any automatic email requesting that they complete it.  Typically, this setting is used when a center wants to invite clients to complete the survey once a semester, for example, by sending the survey link in a mass email (using the Mass Email Tool).  Centers also use this option if they have a dedicated computer at their center that clients go to after a session in order to complete the survey.
  • Yes, but only allow logged-in administrators to access the survey: If this option is selected, only logged-in administrators can access and complete the survey. This option is typically used by centers that ask administrators to enter information clients provide on paper-based surveys.

SURVEY TITLE and SURVEY INTRODUCTION allow you to define the title of your survey and the text information and instructions displayed below the title on the survey itself.  Clients see this information when completing the survey on their devices.

RECORD THE STAFF OR RESOURCE: Since surveys are anonymous, they are not connected to a client or appointment.  Therefore, if you want to collect the name of the staff or resource with whom a client worked (and if you want to be able to see survey statistics sorted by staff or resource), you'll need to select one of the 'yes' options for this configuration option.  

  • No: If this option is set to "no," then clients will not be automatically asked to select the staff or resource with whom they worked.  Using the question configuration options, you could manually add and update a question (using the question configuration options below) that collects this information via a custom drop-down.
  • Yes: If this option is selected, WCONLINE will allow clients to select the name of the staff or resource with whom they worked (or an "I don't know" option) from a list of staff or resources when completing the survey.  That list is made up of all staff and resources who are attached to active schedules (and controlled by your selection under SHOW ADMINISTRATIVE-ONLY SCHEDULES), with staff and resources attached to hidden schedules (as set in Schedule Management) not appearing in that list.
  • Yes: Required: If this option is selected, clients will be forced to select the name of the staff or resource with whom they worked.  This is the same as the previous option except that the selection is required, and there is no "I don't know" option.

SHOW ADMINISTRATIVE-ONLY SCHEDULES: If you use one of the "Yes" options under RECORD THE STAFF OR RESOURCE, the drop-down menu presented to clients on the survey lists all staff and resources on available--not hidden or archived--schedules, as set in Schedule Management.

  • Yes: With the default "Yes," clients can choose from a list of staff and resources on all active schedules. This means, even if an administrator makes an appointment for a client on an administrators-only schedule, the client can still select their staff or resource on the survey.
  • No: If you would prefer that clients not see the names of staff and resources on administrators-only schedules, choose "No," which sets the drop-down menu to display only staff and resources on schedules that are set as "Available to Everyone" in Schedule Management.

SHOW SCHEDULE TITLE ON SURVEY: If you use one of the "Yes" options under RECORD THE STAFF OR RESOURCE, the drop-down menu of staff and resources on the survey lists staff and resources' names with schedule names, such as "Alex (Writing Center Fall 2021)," "Alex (Peer Tutoring Fall 2021)," "Ali (Writing Center Fall 2021)," "Ryan (Peer Tutoring Summer 2021)," "Writing Workshop (Writing Center Fall 2021)," "Writing Workshop (Writing Center Summer 2021)," etc.

  • Yes: With the default "Yes," staff and resources' names are listed with schedule names, as in the example above. This is likely useful if names repeat, such as if staff and resources are on more than one schedule, or if you and your clients simply find it helpful to look over the list with schedule names included.
  • No: If you would prefer to see only staff and resources' names, choose "No." This would make the above list show only, "Alex," "Alex," "Ali," Ryan," "Writing Workshop," "Writing Workshop," etc. This likely useful if most names do not repeat and if schedule names are long and not helpful in finding a given staff or resource in the list.

Survey Email Available Codes ImageSURVEY EMAIL and SURVEY EMAIL SUBJECT allow you to define the body and subject line of the email that is sent to clients requesting that they complete the survey (if you select one of the automated emails in the "enable survey" option above).  

Like most emails within WCONLINE, the system provides several "Available Codes" that you can use within the subject and body of the email.  Those codes are replaced with non-static information.  For example, if you enter [firstname], that code is replaced with the client's first name when the email is set.

When composing the survey email, be sure to either use the [surveyurl] code or manually type the URL for your survey; otherwise, clients won't know how to access the survey when they receive the email.  Also, if you select the "Yes: Required" option for "Record the Staff or Resource" above, WCONLINE will replace [centerurl] with a unique URL that results in the staff or resource being pre-selected for the client when they access the survey via that link.

Survey Questions

Survey Form Possible AnswersWith the exception of the "Record the Staff or Resource" question (as defined above), you have full control over the questions asked on the survey.  Those questions are also configured in the same way as other forms within WCONLINE:

QUESTION: This field lets you define the question as asked on the survey form.

POSSIBLE ANSWERS: This field lets you define the type of answers or the available answer choices available to answer the corresponding question on the survey form.  Be sure to review the "Possible Answer Types" informational box above the question configuration options for extensive information about the various answer types.  The survey offers fill-in, drop-down, checkbox, multiple checkbox, Likert, and large text area question and answer types.

ORDER ON FORM: This field lets you change where questions appear on your survey form.  Once you've begun collecting survey responses, you'll want to use the "Order on Form" field to change the question order, as your data is tied to the specific question (Question #1, #2, etc).  For more on why this is important, review our recommendations on making changes to your forms.

REQUIRED OR OPTIONAL? This field lets you set whether or not a client has to complete the corresponding question in order to save their survey response.

Finally, like most forms in WCONLINE, you are limited to a total of twenty questions on your survey.  Also note that, in order to preserve the validity of survey data, individual survey responses cannot be removed.  Contact us if you would like for all survey responses to be removed from your system (or if you have any additional questions about the survey).

Module Setup: Survey

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