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Module Setup: Survey

Surveys: FAQ (Data, Anonymity, and More)

This section provides questions and answers on a variety of topics regarding WCONLINE's survey.  Be sure to also review the Module Setup: Survey manual page, as questions answered there are not duplicated here.

What is the survey?

WCONLINE's post-session survey, as configured in Module Setup: Survey and as available at https://[your WCONLINE url]/survey.php, is a form that clients typically complete after their session with a staff or resource.

Can I collect the client's name on the survey?  Does the survey have to be anonymous?

In our experience, you'll receive the most honest and helpful answers from clients if the survey is anonymous and, as programmed, surveys entered by clients are not connected to a client's account or appointment in any way.  If you would like to collect personal information regardless, you can easily do so by adding questions to your survey that ask things like "What is your name?" or "Enter your email address if you would like to be contacted about your responses."

If you choose to add questions that could be used to identify the student or appointment, keep in mind that that does make the survey no longer anonymous.  In this case, you'll most likely want to add a note to your SURVEY INTRODUCTION as set in Module Setup: Survey that explains that the survey isn't anonymous since it collects personally identifiable information.

Where can I find my survey data?

System Statistics shows results from all your forms (including from your survey). Drop-down, checkbox, and Likert answers can be counted automatically and so are displayed in graphs with percentages in System Statistics. Under each area in System Statistics, you can click "view answers" to see answers to fill-in and longer "textarea" answers--with numbers if any answers are the same as others. If you use the RECORD STAFF OR RESOURCE option in Module Setup: Survey, then you will be able to limit survey results by staff or resource.  You'll find this report under "System Utilities & Reports" in your Welcome menu.

Finally, like all data in WCONLINE, you can export your survey data into a spreadsheet using the "Survey Data" option in the System Data Export tool. You'll also find this tool under "System Utilities & Reports" in your Welcome menu. 

Module Setup: Survey

SECTION 1: Survey Setup and Use

SECTION 2: Surveys: FAQ (Data, Anonymity, and More)

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