My Center Opens Today

This chapter lists the steps needed for overall setup at most centers and gives just enough information to quickly open and have clients (your students) start making appointments, without looking through schedule options and restrictions, without personalizing emails, and without looking at reports.

In your welcome menu, the options under "Schedule & Staff Management" are listed in the order you will use them when setting up a schedule:

Schedule Management: A "schedule" means the overall framework of what should be shown when you look at the schedule page, like a calendar with nothing on it yet. The schedule hours should be the earliest the center ever opens to the latest the center ever closes, even though the center has different hours on different days. Read through the options if you have time, and note that you can come back to edit these options anytime.

Staff & Resource Management: "Staff and resources" are the people and/or things that can have appointments made with them. Enter the names of your tutors, consultants, advisors, staff members, items (such as computer stations), workshops, etc. that you would like listed on your schedule.

Starting Availability Management: Select the initial set of available hours for the new staff and resources. All new staff and resources appear open all the time until you enter their hours. Starting Availability Management will automatically set their actual available vs. unavailable hours. (Hours can be edited later, too.)

Chapter Sections

SECTION 1: Register!

SECTION 2: Support Can Set Up Your First Schedule

SECTION 3: First: Add a New Schedule

SECTION 4: Second: Add New Staff or Resources

SECTION 5: Third: Enter Staff or Resource Availability

SECTION 6: Fourth: Edit Your Forms

SECTION 7: Fifth: Distribute Your URL, Encourage Registration