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This chapter lists the steps needed for overall setup at most centers and gives just enough information to quickly open and have clients (your students) start making appointments, without looking through schedule options and restrictions, without personalizing emails, and without looking at reports.

Each section covers a step of setup. Our instructions start with "go your welcome menu." The welcome menu appears when you hover over "WELCOME..." (and your first name) on the left side of the blue bar at the top of the schedule view. You will see a list of areas that you, as a full administrator, can use, such as "Client & Record Management," "Schedule & Staff Management," etc. Some of these open a specific area, while others reveal additional options, such as "Schedule Management" under "Schedule & Staff Management."

In your welcome menu, the options under "Schedule & Staff Management" are listed in the order you will use them when setting up a schedule:

Schedule Management: A "schedule" means the overall framework that appears when you go to the schedule page, like a one-week calendar. The schedule hours should be the earliest the center ever opens to the latest the center ever closes, even when there are different hours on different days. Read through the options if you have time, and note that you can come back to edit your selections and emails anytime.

Staff & Resource Management: "Staff and resources" are the people and/or things that can have appointments made with them. Enter the names of your tutors, consultants, advisors, staff members, items (such as computer stations), workshops, etc. that you would like listed on your schedule.

Starting Availability Management: Select the initial set of available hours for the new staff and resources. All new staff and resources appear open all the time until you enter their hours. Starting Availability Management will automatically set their actual available vs. unavailable hours. (There are several methods of making changes to staff availability.)

Chapter Sections

SECTION 1: Register!

SECTION 2: Support Can Set Up Your First Schedule

SECTION 3: First: Add a New Schedule

SECTION 4: Second: Add New Staff or Resources

SECTION 5: Third: Enter Staff or Resource Availability

SECTION 6: Fourth: Edit Your Forms

SECTION 7: Fifth: Distribute Your URL, Encourage Registration

WCONLINE Product Manual

The product manual is available completely online. To browse the manual, choose a chapter from list below or use the search tool to quickly search the entire manual.

CH 1: This Manual

CH 2: My Center Opens Today

CH 3: WCONLINE Login Page

CH 4: Text-Only & Mobile

CH 5: Schedule View, Navigation and Options

CH 6: Appointments

CH 7: Client Report Forms

CH 8: Administrators and Non-Administrators

CH 9: Blackout Times Management

CH 10: Blackout Times Examples

CH 11: Synchronous Online Meetings

CH 12: SSO and LDAP/S

CH 13: Card Reader Support

CH 14: Update Profile & Email Options

CH 15: Client & Record Management

CH 16: Schedule Management

CH 17: Staff & Resource Management

CH 18: Starting Availability Management

CH 19: Announcement Management

CH 20: Mass Email Tool

CH 21: System Statistics

CH 22: System Data Export

CH 23: Master Listings Report

CH 24: System Utilization

CH 25: Global System Settings

CH 26: Form Setup (Four Forms)

CH 27: Module Setup: Early Alerts/Flags

CH 28: Module Setup: Time Clock

CH 29: Module Setup: Survey

CH 30: Tips and Questions

CH 31: Support

CH 32: Terms of Service and Other Company Information

This manual applies to the current version of WCONLINE® and is constantly updated as new features are released.