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Module Setup: Time Clock

Time Clock: FAQ (Data, Card Reader, and More)

This section provides questions and answers on a variety of topics regarding WCONLINE's time clock.  Be sure to also review the Module Setup: Time Clock manual page, as questions answered there are not duplicated here.

What is the time clock and why might I use it?

WCONLINE's Time Clock, as configured in Module Setup: Time Clock allows staff and, optionally, clients to clock in and out.  Some centers have a strong preference or obvious need for the time clock, such as those that want to record exact times, down to the second, that students and staff arrived and left. However, the Time Clock can also be used in several other ways:

  • If your center has a policy that staff members have to clock in and out, or if you would like them to clock in and out when they work on specific projects under different grants, you could enable the time clock for administrators and include a question and drop-down menu for staff members to select each type of project, work, research, etc.
  • Students might arrive early or stay after appointments to use a study area, computers, or other equipment. If you would like to see, and be able to report on, how much total time students spend at the center, you would make the time clock available to everyone, and, if you find it helpful, add a question to find out what students are working on.
  • At some centers, students reserve slots in long workshops, review sessions, or other group tutoring times, but they can arrive at any point and leave once they are ready. You can have students clock in and out to find out how much time they spent in the group appointment.
  • If you and your staff would like to see which appointments are underway or if clients have arrived early, you can use the time clock (with ENABLE APPOINTMENT MATCH set to "Yes," to have each appointment turn green as soon as the client clocks in.
  • If your center uses a waiting room or queuing system so that students arrive to wait for tutors to become available, you would use the time clock in waiting room mode.

Like nearly all modules and features in WCONLINE, the use of the Time Clock is completely optional.

How can I record how long a session lasted without using the Time Clock?

The appointment form shows the starting and ending time of a given appointment as reserved on the schedule.  When a staff member enters the post-session Client Report Form for a given session (by opening the appointment and then clicking on "Add New" to add a new client report form), the staff member selects the "Actual Appointment Length," allowing the staff member to record how long an appointment actually lasted.  That information is presented in the System Statistics Report and in several of the System Data Export options.  Therefore, you don't need to use the Time Clock--or add the extra step of a clock in and out--to know how long an appointment lasted.

Where can I find and modify my time clock data?

Time Clock Report SampleIf you click on the checkmark at the top left of the schedule, you'll see a list of the current day's clocked-in and clocked-out individuals.  If someone is clocked in, you'll see the time that they clocked in and an option to clock them out.  If someone is clocked out, you'll see both times, as well as the elapsed time that they were clocked in.

You can also find detailed information about time clock entries by using the Master Listings Report.  That report, available by clicking on the report icon at the top left of the schedule or by accessing it through the Welcome menu, can be limited to "Time Clock Data."  Once limited, you'll see information about the clock-ins and clock-outs for a given day, the elapsed time, and the ability to edit each entry.  You can also limit the report to a specific student and/or date range.

Finally, like all data in WCONLINE, you can export your time clock data into a spreadsheet using the "Time Clock Data" option in the System Data Export tool. You'll also find this tool under "System Utilities & Reports" in your Welcome menu.

Time Clock Option after Card SwipeHow does the time clock work with a card reader?

In Global System Settings, you can ENABLE CARD READER SUPPORT in order to allow clients to access WCONLINE by swiping their institutional ID cards.  If you also enable the Time Clock, then clients will be taken to a screen allowing them to clock in and out immediately after swiping their cards.  From there, they can continue to the schedule overview or log out of the system.


Module Setup: Time Clock

SECTION 1: Time Clock Setup and Use

SECTION 2: Time Clock: FAQ (Data, Card Reader, and More)

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