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System Statistics


System Statistics summarizes appointment numbers, giving totals of appointments per time period and breakdowns such as numbers of appointments per day of the week. The report shows graphs of appointment data and countable (drop-down, checkbox and Likert) responses on each of your forms and also allows you to see typed-in answers.

You can select parameters at the top to limit the report to specific ranges of data--including a whole semester on multiple schedules at once, one schedule over an academic year, one student over four years, all students who selected one item in a registration drop-down, or any other combination.

All the registration and appointment data in System Statistics is based on clients who had appointments, so you can see what is likely the most relevant data, and your own and your staff registrations do not influence appointment data.

Chapter Sections

SECTION 1: Choosing Parameters and Running System Statistics

SECTION 2: Summary, Global, and Time and Date Statistics

SECTION 3: Registration, Appointment, Client Report, and Survey Statistics

SECTION 4: Examples with Numbers

SECTION 5: System Statistics vs. Exported Data

SECTION 6: Number of Appointments Per Semester with Moved Staff & Resources