WCONLINE with Mobile Devices

WCONLINE® works well on phones and tablets. The drop-down menus, fill-ins, popup windows, etc. have been optimized for easy use on such devices, and online tutoring works well. Administrative areas are easy to work with. And, if you have a medium-length schedule view, you might find it convenient to look at a phone held vertically to see multiple days at once on the schedule view.

Depending on the mobile device and its settings, you can touch once or lightly to "hover" on an appointment or function with a label. You can also perform expected actions for your device, such as touching a phone number to make a call or touching an email address to start an email.

On the login page on a smaller screen, WCONLINE® zooms in on the login area automatically and may offer instructions for adding an icon to your home screen. While this is not a separate app that you would download/install, it looks like an app, since it opens your WCONLINE® login page immediately, and WCONLINE® works well in the browser.

Chapter Sections

SECTION 1: Add a Home-Screen Icon

SECTION 2: Hovering for Information

SECTION 3: Browser Windows and Forms

SECTION 4: Online Tutoring Sessions