The WCONLINE® support team is committed to making sure you can use WCONLINE® in the best way possible to help you and your center. Fulfilling all your responsibilities and using WCONLINE® means that you will ask all kinds of questions and be under different deadlines. We welcome your questions and are happy to help. WCONLINE® should decrease your paperwork and leave more time for you to work with students, do research, etc. As with any program or any type of work, there is still work you will have to do, such as in setting up new schedules. But if anything seems more difficult than you think it ought to be, chances are there is an easier way to complete the work, so please ask us.

Chapter Sections

SECTION 1: Support and Billing System

SECTION 2: Service Code

SECTION 3: Who and Where We Are

SECTION 4: Computer Program Logic

SECTION 5: We Do Not Change Your Settings

SECTION 6: Support Hours and Expectations

SECTION 7: Can it Be Done? How Long Does it Take?

SECTION 8: Backups and Older Sites

SECTION 9: Avoid Deleting: Use Options and Information