Introduction to WCONLINE

When you type or paste your WCONLINE® URL or use a link to your WCONLINE® URL, you reach your "login page," meaning the page that offers a login area. Assuming you have just started using a new WCONLINE® site, you will first use the "register for an account" link to register. Once you have registered, logged in, and started working through your site, you will be able to personalize information on this page and throughout your site.

Your first few questions might be about the login page and the schedule you see immediately after registering and logging in. Briefly:

The "register for an account" link is just above the login area. Everyone uses the same link to register, unless you are using LDAP or single sign-on (SSO).

The "welcome to WCONLINE®" message is in an announcement, which you can change in Announcement Management.

"Center Schedule" is there only so that there is something to see when you log in. Your real schedule will have your own schedule name, names of tutors, consultants, advisors, or other staff, workshops, etc., and correct hours, including different hours on different days. We offer to set up your first schedule, so please let our support team know how we can help.

And you can always add more administrators by first going to Staff & Resource Management, and then clicking the keys symbol at the top.

Chapter Sections

SECTION 1: What You See on the Login Page

SECTION 2: Introductory Walk-Through

SECTION 3: A Few Other Questions

SECTION 4: List of Welcome Menu and Other Options