Several times each year, we email tips and reminders to the mailing list. For example, when it is time for most people to enter new schedules each semester, we try to make sure everyone knows how to set up new schedules with new staff and resources. When most locations change between daylight savings time and standard time, we send out a message about using your "time zone support" option in Global System Settings.

This chapter includes lengthened versions of the tips, and a few other points that have to do with specific questions and questions that come up at specific times of the year.

Chapter Sections

SECTION 1: Ready for Next Semester? A Few Suggestions...

SECTION 2: What Duplicating Means

SECTION 3: Screen Shots from Duplicating to Setting Hours

SECTION 4: Duplicating Schedules

SECTION 5: Duplicating Staff and Resources

SECTION 6: New Schedule Does Not Show Expected Results

SECTION 7: Special Case: Setting up A, B, etc. or 1, 2, etc. Days

SECTION 8: Using WCONLINE at Multiple Centers on Campus

SECTION 9: Common Questions about Multiple Schedules & Centers

SECTION 10: Changing Form Questions, Answers, and Order

SECTION 11: Using Reports to Answer Questions

SECTION 12: Time Zone Setting with Daylight and Standard Time

SECTION 13: Log in as a Client

SECTION 14: Where to Look for Answers