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This chapter describes appointments and features associated with them--making them, making them for clients, canceling them, walk-ins, missed or no-show appointments, group appointments or workshops, and repeating (or recurring/reoccurring/standing) appointments.

WCONLINE also includes synchronous and asynchronous online tutoring options. Appointments to meet synchronously online create an online meeting that is easily accessed within WCONLINE. For administrators, online appointments turn red, and eTutoring (asynchronous) appointments turn olive green. (You can change colors in Global System Settings.) In Staff & Resource Management, you can set each staff or resource as available for any combination of face-to-face, online and eTutoring appointments.

With one of the options in Schedule Management, you can replace the times on each day and on the appointment and client report forms with "slot" or other similar labels (such as periods). This chapter uses appointment times, which are more common, but, in any example, the times can be replaced with slot, period, or other names on a non-time-based schedule.

Clients do not need all these instructions on making appointments, because they simply find a white space, click, answer your questions on the form as required and save the appointment. If they are required to choose a focus, that is clear on the appointment form. If they are allowed to attach a file, they can see file-upload options.

As soon as the appointment is saved successfully, the new appointment appears on the schedule and cannot be opened by other non-administrators.

Keep in mind that non-administrators can never see other students' names or information. In group appointments, they make their own appointments but cannot see anyone else's name. They cannot open other people's appointments from any area and cannot see anyone else's profile. And they do not see your administrator's options on the appointment form.

Chapter Sections

SECTION 1: Making Appointments

SECTION 2: Top of the Appointment Form

SECTION 3: Creating Repeating Appointments

SECTION 4: Group Appointments, Including Workshops

SECTION 5: File Attachments on Appointments

SECTION 6: Online and eTutoring Appointments

SECTION 7: Existing Appointments

SECTION 8: Walk-In/Drop-In, Missed, Placeholder, Email Client Options

SECTION 9: Add New or View Existing Client Report Forms

SECTION 10: Modifying Appointments

SECTION 11: Canceling Appointments

SECTION 12: Move Appointment (to Another Staff or Resource or Date)

SECTION 13: Making Appointments for Clients

SECTION 14: Possible Question About Students Choosing a Course and Focus