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Client Report Forms


Both full and basic administrators can add client report forms, or post-session reports, after appointments. Since most people make their tutors, consultants, advisors, etc. basic administrators, one of a basic administrator's important areas to use within WCONLINE is the client report form. A tutor, advisor, etc. can open an appointment, click "Add New," and fill out your client report form to report on what was worked on in the session. Also, remember that you can customize your own client report form using Form Setup: Client Reports.

By default, all administrators can also open and review existing client report forms. If a client has any existing client report forms, their appointments also have a "View Existing" link that opens the most recent client report form and a list of others. You can choose to take away basic administrators' access to client report forms, in which case they might sometimes or never be offered the "View Existing" link.

Chapter Sections

SECTION 1: Client Report Forms

SECTION 2: Off-Schedule Client Report Forms