Synchronous Online Meetings

Questions During Your Online Meeting

For reference, the instructions that appear when you open a new online meeting are:

WELCOME TO YOUR ONLINE CONSULTATION! Below is a brief overview of this module. For more information, click the question mark at the top right of the screen.

WHITEBOARD: This area of the screen is the document collaboration whiteboard. Here, you can import or paste a document, or type text. Changes made to text in this window are highlighted and seen immediately by both individuals participating in the online consultation.

TEXT CHAT: You can use the area to the right of the screen to have a text conversation in real time. This means the other person in the module can see what you are writing as you type. Unchecking the 'send real time chat updates' box at the top will prevent your typing from being seen by the recipient until you hit 'enter.'

TOOLBAR: The icons on the left side of the toolbar allow you to work with a document's formatting. The icons on the right side (or at the bottom if using a phone) include options for your online session, such as importing or exporting a document. Hover over any icon for a text label showing the icon's function.

DRAWING TOOLS: Clicking the pencil icon allows you to draw on top of the whiteboard. Within the drawing area, you can change the brush, clear your drawing, or use a solid background. You can also import images and export the entire drawing area. On a computer, hover over the drawing area to expand it, and hover away from it to minimize it. On a touch screen, touch the pencil icon once to open the drawing function, twice to expand the drawing area, and a third time to close it.

AUDIO AND VIDEO: If your center has enabled audio and video consultations, you can click on the camera icon to allow the other participant to see and hear you. The first time you use audio and video, your browser may prompt you to allow the use of your camera and microphone in your session.

AFTER YOUR SESSION: Your chat transcript and document will be saved in this online meeting. You can always come back by viewing your appointment and clicking the 'start or join online consultation' link.


For most functions in the online consultation module, click and then follow the on-screen instructions. For example, to import a document, you do not have to read through separate instructions but can just click the icon with two arrows and follow the steps from there.

If you paste text into the document-sharing area and would like to remove highlighting, click the symbol that looks like an eye and shows "Clear Authorship Colours" when you hover.

The icon that shows head-and-shoulders symbols and a number shows a "1" if you are the only one connected to your session and a "2" if both participants are connected. You can also click here to choose a different color for your highlighting.


We have constant monitoring in place, and we would find out immediately if there were any trouble with the online consultation module. This means that if you have trouble connecting or using audio/video, you can quickly try to reestablish your connection.

You can reconnect to your online meeting by closing the meeting, (reopening your appointment if you have been timed out), and clicking "Start or Join Online Consultation."

Similar, if you have trouble with audio/video, make sure you have selected "Yes" or "Allow" or "Share" so that your browser can share your webcam and microphone. If you are not sure, click on the video camera icon. Try reconnecting, or complete this particular meeting using the text chat.

The online consultation module has built-in formatting options and retains most formatting in imported documents. If you would like to work with a document that has extensive and different formatting, such as a lot of tables, you might attach the document to your appointment in advance and then paste the content into the online consultation module, or use only the chat and/or audio/video to discuss your work.

Chapter Sections

SECTION 1: Questions During Your Online Meeting

SECTION 2: Making Online Meetings Available

SECTION 3: More Administrator Information about Online Meetings

SECTION 4: Specific Online Tutoring Hours