Schedule View, Navigation and Options

Schedule Selection, Welcome, Date Navigation

All levels of access have a very similar view of the schedule, except that non-administrators cannot see anyone else's information and have fewer options available. Everyone (administrators and non-administrators) can see white spaces for available times and can make new appointments only during open times (so appointments cannot conflict with existing appointments or blackout times). If you have more than one schedule available to students, students can choose another schedule from the drop-down at the top. If you use focus options, students can choose from the "limit to" menu.



Drop-down of schedule names, always next to the date listed in white at the top: The schedule names (here, "Writing Center Fall 2015") come from the names entered in Schedule Management. Those are completely set and personalized by you, so they might be similar to the names in our demo but are not required to be similar at all. If you have multiple centers (such as writing and math, main and satellite, etc.), the schedule names typically correspond to what clients look for when they think, "I need an appointment for..." or "I need to go to...." and it tends to be convenient to include a semester or quarter title (such as "...Spring 2016") The drop-down menu does not show hidden schedules, and it shows administrator-only schedules only to administrators.

"Limit-to" menu, which is OPTIONAL: One of the options in Staff & Resource Management is to add "focus" or specialty areas for the staff or resources. For example, if peer tutors can help clients with different and overlapping subject areas or course levels, you might enter lists of those subjects or courses in the "focus options" field in Staff & Resource Management. You can use any terms as focus options--such as anything from exact course codes to graduate vs. undergraduate tutoring. If you also enable or require focus selection through Schedule Management, you (and clients) will see drop-down menu of focus areas on your schedule.

If focus selection is enabled or allowed ("yes" for "allow resource selection by focus") but not required, clients can choose to use the "limit to" drop-down menu to select a focus, filtering the list of staff or resources shown on the schedule to those who can help in the needed area. Note that, unlike in our demo, many customers add specific course codes and numbers, such as "BIOL 315" or ranges, such as "BIOL 101-230."

If you require focus selection (with "required" for "allow resource selection by focus"), students have to choose a focus area before successfully making an appointment. If they do not choose it first from the "limit to" menu, they have to choose it on the appointment form (as if it were just another required question on the appointment form. If they do choose it first from the "limit to" menu, it remains automatically selected on the appointment form. In group appointments with focus required, members of the group have to select the same focus as each other.

Welcome...: This is the welcome menu and shows options appropriate for the user's level of access. The welcome greeting always says "welcome" with the logged-in person's first name, as entered on their registration form. A client's welcome menu shows only Update Profile & Email Options and, if the client has appointments, My Appointments. A full administrator's welcome menu shows all the possible options, and a basic administrator's welcome menu shows any options allowed via Global System Settings (probably including Client & Record Management and the Master Appointment Report).

Use previous week | current week | next week to navigate to other weeks on the schedule (maintaining the same day of the week at the top of your view). Use the small popout calendar to quickly move to a farther-away date.

Chapter Sections

SECTION 1: Schedule Options and Colors

SECTION 2: Schedule Selection, Welcome, Date Navigation

SECTION 3: Schedule/Blackouts Toggle

SECTION 4: Top Left Icons and Help Menu

SECTION 5: Limit-To Menu: Top Center Below Schedule Selection and Date Navivation

SECTION 6: Waiting List

SECTION 7: Pencil Icon

SECTION 8: Waiting Room (Using the Time Clock)

SECTION 9: Announcements on the Schedule

SECTION 10: Center Description and Web Links

SECTION 11: A Note on the Time Clock

SECTION 12: QUESTIONS: Schedule Appears Blank to Clients

SECTION 13: QUESTIONS: Current Day on Top and Monday Through Friday

SECTION 14: QUESTIONS: Grayed-Out Time Slots

SECTION 15: QUESTIONS: Days are Missing or Closed