Schedule View, Navigation and Options

QUESTIONS: Grayed-Out Time Slots

What is grayed-out?

Time slots for part of most of a day, as the day progresses or that you did not see this morning: You have the time zone setting enabled in Global System Settings. This means students cannot make appointments at past times. If you would prefer to not use time zone support, go to Global System Settings and change yours to "not enabled." The default is "not enabled," so, at some point, you or another administrator thought this would be helpful. If it generates too many questions from students, it is ok to turn it off. Appointments always remain at the correct time regardless of the time zone setting.

Time slots for the whole day or multiple whole days: Students see the day or days grayed-out but administrators do not. You have "how many days ahead must clients make appointments" set to one or more days. This means clients cannot make appointments more or less at the last minute. If you would prefer to not have this set, go to Schedule Management, edit your schedule, and shorten or eliminate the restriction. On this, too, the default is "appointments can be made on any day," so you might have set it when you were first looking through Schedule Management.

The whole week, and students assume they cannot make appointments on days later in the week or on weekends: You probably set the schedule to display "always Monday through Friday," meaning Monday stays on top, even when Monday has passed. Students can click to make appointments on current and future days (unless you have also set that limit), but they might not realize they are looking at the beginning of the week, especially if you previously used the current-day-on-top setting. It might be easiest to switch back to the default "with the current day on top (recommended)."

Individual staff or resources (such as tutors, advisors, workshops, etc.), who/that are labeled "Administrators Only," so students cannot make appointments: The staff and resources in question are available only to administrators. If you would like students to be able to make their own appointments with all the staff and resources, go into Staff & Resource Management, check for the red "admins only" label, and edit to change to "available to everyone."

Individual staff or resources, but one at a time, after students make appointments: You probably set the limit each staff or resource is allowed per day in Staff & Resource Management when you wanted to set an appointments-per-day limit for each student. The "max number of daily appointments" in Staff & Resource Management would be the correct option if, for example, a tutor had five appointment slots per day, but was supposed to fill only four of those with appointments. Go to Staff & Resource Management, and click "edit" for the staff or resource showing grayed-out blocks, and then scroll down and choose "don't restrict..." next to "max number of daily appointments" near the bottom, and save. The limit for one or more appointments per day per student is in Schedule Management. Go to Schedule Management, and click "edit" for your schedule. If you have not already, choose one or more limits in the "schedule limits" area, and save.

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SECTION 1: Schedule Options and Colors

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SECTION 12: QUESTIONS: Schedule Appears Blank to Clients

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SECTION 14: QUESTIONS: Grayed-Out Time Slots

SECTION 15: QUESTIONS: Days are Missing or Closed