With the waiting list enabled in Schedule Management, a clock icon appears next to each day of the week on the schedule. A client can click to add himself or herself to the waiting list. As soon as someone cancels an appointment, everyone on the waiting list receives a notification at once.

The notification is within any limits selected. For example, if a student chooses to join the waiting list for a specific tutor, that student is sent a notification only if someone cancels an appointment with that tutor. The list of staff and resources available to a student leaves out any who/that are available to administrators only and/or have "available dates" (which are not required) set so that they are not available on this day, which means students will not try to select or be notified of openings they cannot use. (For more information about options for each staff or resource, see this chapter.)

If you have text messaging enabled in Global System Settings, a student might have already added his or her phone number to receive waiting list notifications and reminder emails via text. If this is the case (as in the screen shot above) the student will automatically receive the waiting list notification via text.

If you are using Twitter integration, also set up in Global System Settings, the waiting list options in Schedule Management include additional options to tweet current day and next day waiting list notifications. Waiting list notifications are tweeted based on canceled appointments even if no one has joined the waiting list. (And an individual student does not have to be on the waiting list to see tweets.)

As an administrator, after clicking on the waiting list icon, you will see a "Manage Waiting List" link, which opens a window showing a list of everyone on the waiting list. You can remove people if needed (most likely after contacting them) and add people to the waiting list.

If you need to see the waiting list for more than one day at a time, use System Data Export to export waiting list data over any date range.

Chapter Sections

SECTION 1: Schedule Options and Colors

SECTION 2: Schedule Selection, Welcome, Date Navigation

SECTION 3: Schedule/Blackouts Toggle

SECTION 4: Top Left Icons and Help Menu

SECTION 5: Limit-To Menu: Top Center Below Schedule Selection and Date Navivation

SECTION 6: Waiting List

SECTION 7: Pencil Icon

SECTION 8: Waiting Room (Using the Time Clock)

SECTION 9: Announcements on the Schedule

SECTION 10: Center Description and Web Links

SECTION 11: A Note on the Time Clock

SECTION 12: QUESTIONS: Schedule Appears Blank to Clients

SECTION 13: QUESTIONS: Current Day on Top and Monday Through Friday

SECTION 14: QUESTIONS: Grayed-Out Time Slots

SECTION 15: QUESTIONS: Days are Missing or Closed