If, for example, a tutor is out sick and someone else can fill in for the day, or if a resource such as a study room is unavailable for the day, you can quickly change the name displayed on the schedule to reflect the real-life change. Click the pencil icon next to the current staff or resource name to type any name--even the name of someone who does not normally work at your center. If a staff or resource's name was changed on a future day, the reminder email will show the changed name as it is listed on the schedule at the time the reminder email is sent out.

Note that if you need to edit a staff or resource's name permanently (such as if Jane's name was misspelled "Janee" in setup or Jane completely replaced Thomas on the schedule), that should be done in Staff & Resource Management. You never have to use the pencil icon on every single day to accomplish an edit.

As a quick reference, changing the name displayed on the schedule does three things:

  1. Shows the new name on the schedule on that day only.

  2. If applicable, uses the new name in appointment and reminder emails.

  3. Hides the original staff or resource's bio from the top of the appointment form. (For example, if "Jen" were out sick and "Sally" covered for her that day, you would not have to worry that students clicking to make appointments with "Sally" would see a bio that says, "Jen is an English major who....")

In the Change Resource Name window, part of the explanation that shows up includes the note that, "using this utility will have no effect on data or statistics." This means all the reports that show staff or resource names and that count appointments by staff or resource count the original resource. This function is just to let you and clients know that someone else is filling in on that day. If you use this function but would like some records associated with a tutor who filled in, the tutor filling in can enter client report forms under his or her own name.

If two tutors trade shifts permanently, you would not change the two resource names. If tutors trade shifts, hours, days, etc., for more than just a temporary situation, use Blackout Times Management to edit the hours for the rest of the semester.

If you are looking for how to edit the name of a staff or resource so that a new name permanently appears on your schedule, go into Staff & Resource Management, find that staff or resource, click "edit," and then edit the name and save.

Chapter Sections

SECTION 1: Schedule Options and Colors

SECTION 2: Schedule Selection, Welcome, Date Navigation

SECTION 3: Schedule/Blackouts Toggle

SECTION 4: Top Left Icons and Help Menu

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SECTION 6: Waiting List

SECTION 7: Pencil Icon

SECTION 8: Waiting Room (Using the Time Clock)

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SECTION 10: Center Description and Web Links

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SECTION 12: QUESTIONS: Schedule Appears Blank to Clients

SECTION 13: QUESTIONS: Current Day on Top and Monday Through Friday

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SECTION 15: QUESTIONS: Days are Missing or Closed