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Limit-To Menu: Top Center Below Schedule Selection and Date Navivation

If you would like students to have an option to find a tutor who can help in a specific area by selecting a course, subject, general area, specialty or some other characteristic of tutoring, add "focus options" for each staff or resource under Staff & Resource Management. And, under Schedule Management, set "allow resource selection by focus" to either "Yes" or "Required." As long as resource selection by focus is allowed or required, and at least one tutor has at least one focus option entered in Staff & Resource Management, you will see a "limit to" menu at the top of your schedule.

In Global System Settings, you can change the "limit to" label. Your menu that lists focus options at the top of the schedule is the same as "the limit-to menu" in our instructions.

"Focus" areas are typically areas of tutoring or specialties, such as the subjects a tutor can help with, types of advising an advisor is able to do, or topics of small-group tutoring.

With selection by focus enabled or required, a student first sees the whole schedule (the same as without focus) and can select from the "limit to" menu to limit or filter the list of staff and resources on the schedule. For example, a student looking for help with Biology on a schedule with a lot of subject-tutoring tutors might select "Biology" or "BIOL 215"--anything you have decided to enter--from the "limit to" menu and quickly find a tutor who can help with that specific area. Or, a student looking for group tutoring in a specific subject or course could join a group that has the needed area as its focus. If you have advisors who specialize in Freshman advising, health careers, study abroad, etc., those areas would be focus areas.

Also note that you could list any terms as focus options, so it is possible to display any specific list of resources based on the "limit to" menu. For example, if some tutors are more advanced and can work with seniors or graduate students, you might list "Graduate" or "Advanced" vs. "Undergraduate" or "Intro Courses," or any other variations, as focus options.

For more information on focus options and group appointments, see Focus Options and Group Appointments.

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