Schedule View, Navigation and Options

Waiting Room (Using the Time Clock)

As an option, you can use the time clock to display a list of individuals in a "waiting room" at the top of the schedule. For example, if you have students sit in person at the center to wait for tutors to become available, and you would like to see their names, call them up, and take them out of the waiting room when they start meeting with someone, you would enable the time clock in waiting room mode.

With the waiting room enabled and no one waiting yet, there is a gray note at the top of an administrator's view of the schedule.

When these students clock in, their names appear at the top of the schedule view in the order they clocked in. A full administrator can clock students in by clicking the checkmark at the top left of the schedule view (as if to clock in) and selecting a name in the "time clock override" area. (In the screen shot below, "Beth A. Student" clocked in, or was clocked in, first.)

To take a student out of the waiting room, click the red checkmark next to their name.

You can see both traditional time clock data (when people clock in when they arrive and out when they leave) and waiting room data by clicking the checkmark at the top left of the schedule view (as if to clock in) and then clicking "Manage Time Clock or View Report," as well as in the export of time clock data.

As always, non-administrators cannot see other people's names, and they cannot see anything regarding the waiting room.

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