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WCONLINE allows optional single sign-on (SSO) and LDAP/LDAPS so that students can use their institution's credentials to log into WCONLINE. With SSO or LDAP/S, all clients still have to register by filling out your registration form, but there is no option to change the email address or set a password.

With SSO, students log in on the institution's server and are passed to WCONLINE logged-in. Typically, this is useful when students are already comfortable logging in to access other information. And, SSO will work with nearly any authentication method you are already using, because authentication is handled entirely on your end. Administrators log in on the WCONLINE login page. Students who are not yet registered are taken to your registration form with the email address already entered and no option to set a password. Students who are already registered are taken straight to the schedule.

With SSO, you can attach one piece of data to each student so that the data appears in one drop-down menu on your appointment form.

With LDAP/S, all individuals log in on the WCONLINE login page using the username and password that they use at the institution. Anyone who is not yet registered is taken to your registration form with no option to change their email address or enter a password. Someone who is already registered is taken to the schedule.

For both SSO and LDAP/S, you can find all instructions, question bubbles and examples within Global System Settings. In Global System Settings, To open the "System Integration and Authentication" page, click on "AUTHENTICATION OPTIONS" in the "jump to" links below the Footer Center Description and header logo options. Since you will most likely have someone from your IT department working on this, you might choose to make that person a full administrator. (Or, "you," the person reading through this, might be someone in IT.) Once the authentication method is selected and the settings are entered, saved, tested and made live, the login method is up and running.

This chapter includes a lot of copied information from the "System Integration and Authentication" area within WCONLINE, because, especially if you are in the IT department, it tends to be helpful to be able to read instructions before you have full administrative access to a center's WCONLINE site.

Chapter Sections

SECTION 1: Descriptions and Login Code

SECTION 2: SSO Instructions and Settings

SECTION 3: Appointment Form Field for Data Map

SECTION 4: SSO Registrations and Logins

SECTION 5: SSO Authentication Questions

SECTION 6: LDAP/S Instructions and Settings

SECTION 7: LDAP/S Registrations and Logins

SECTION 8: LDAP/S Authentication Questions

WCONLINE Product Manual

The product manual is available completely online. To browse the manual, choose a chapter from list below or use the search tool to quickly search the entire manual.

CH 1: This Manual

CH 2: My Center Opens Today

CH 3: WCONLINE Login Page

CH 4: Text-Only & Mobile

CH 5: Schedule View, Navigation and Options

CH 6: Appointments

CH 7: Client Report Forms

CH 8: Administrators and Non-Administrators

CH 9: Blackout Times Management

CH 10: Blackout Times Examples

CH 11: Synchronous Online Meetings

CH 12: SSO and LDAP/S

CH 13: Card Reader Support

CH 14: Update Profile & Email Options

CH 15: Client & Record Management

CH 16: Schedule Management

CH 17: Staff & Resource Management

CH 18: Starting Availability Management

CH 19: Announcement Management

CH 20: Mass Email Tool

CH 21: System Statistics

CH 22: System Data Export

CH 23: Master Listings Report

CH 24: System Utilization

CH 25: Global System Settings

CH 26: Form Setup (Four Forms)

CH 27: Module Setup: Early Alerts/Flags

CH 28: Module Setup: Time Clock

CH 29: Module Setup: Survey

CH 30: Tips and Questions

CH 31: Support

CH 32: Terms of Service and Other Company Information

This manual applies to the current version of WCONLINE® and is constantly updated as new features are released.