Global System Settings

Time Zone Support

WCONLINE® does not rely on time zone for appointment times, so appointment times are always correct and stay the same, meaning that an appointment at 10:00 am on your schedule displays and stays at 10:00 am, regardless of time zone. And emails show the correct appointment times regardless of your time zone setting. Selecting your local time next to "time zone support" adds a few local time references to your site.

The most noticeable is that it grays out the current day up to the current hour, which prevents non-administrators from (usually unintentionally) making appointments at past times (which typically is not an issue, but can be at some centers).

It also allows you to use the cancelation limit, or "number of minutes before an appointment that it can be modified or canceled" in Schedule Management, because is is telling WCONLINE® the local time, and, therefore, how many minutes before an existing appointment it is now. And it adds the correct local time to iCal messages. (The "[start]" and "[end]" times in appointment, cancelation, and reminder emails remain correct regardless. Time zone support makes the iCal link also contain the correct local time.) And time zone support adjusts the created, modified, and clock-in and -out times for local time.

Remember that even without time zone support set, your appointments always appear at the correct times and are recorded at the correct times. By the nature of how WCONLINE® works, an appointment made in a 10:00 slot is always shown and recorded as an appointment at 10:00, with no need to consider different time zones.

WCONLINE® does not change time to start or end daylight savings time, so, if you are using the time zone setting, treat the time zone setting as you would a clock. When your local time changes between standard time and daylight savings time in the fall and spring, change the time zone setting to match your local time.

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