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Global System Settings

Social Media

In Global System Settings (which you'll find under the "System Configuration" section of the Welcome menu), you can define a variety of system-wide settings and controls. The seventh section in Global System Settings, titled "Social Media" and available by clicking "SOCIAL MEDIA" in the "JUMP TO" links, lets you link your WCONLINE site to your center's or institution's social media pages (so that clients can easily get to those pages from WCONLINE).  

Global System Setting's
Social Media

If you would like to add your center's social media accounts to WCONLINE, simply enter the missing part of the URL (defined by "X") for the applicable service in the appropriate field.  Each social media company listed also provides an example of what to enter.  For example, the BLOGGER field shows ""  If your Blogger account was at the URL "," then you would enter just "thewritecenter" in the BLOGGER field.  Similarly, if you had an Instagram account that was accessed via the URL "," then you would just enter "ReadyToHelp" in the INSTAGRAM field (since the INSTAGRAM field shows "" and since you only enter the "X" portion of your web address).

The Social Media Icons used in WCONLINE.Once you've saved your social media links, WCONLINE will automatically display the icons for those services at the bottom of most pages in the system. Clients can click on any of the icons to be taken to your page on the applicable social media site.  Only the icons for the social media sites for which you've entered a value will appear. 


If your center or institution has a Twitter account, then you can optionally configure WCONLINE to send schedule openings to your Twitter feed.  These notices are the same notices that are sent out via the waiting list option in Schedule Management.  By Tweeting openings, you allow clients who follow your Twitter feed to see and take advantage of those openings.  

To set up the optional integration:

  • Go to or  If Twitter prompts you to log in, log in to your center or institutional Twitter account.
  • Click on "Create an App" (which is typically displayed as an oval blue button at the top right).  If prompted, follow the instructions to apply for a Developer Account and, once complete, click the "Create an App" button again.
  • Fill in the required fields. While you can fill in most fields however you wish, the "Website URL" field should be set to your WCONLINE URL.
  • Click "Create" and, if prompted, agree to the "developer terms."  Then, choose "Keys and Tokens" and copy and paste the API and Token information into the appropriate fields in the Social Media section of Global System Settings and save your changes.
  • Finally, edit your schedule in Schedule Management and set the USE THE WAITING LIST? option to either "Yes and 'Tweet' current day openings" or "Yes and 'Tweet' current/next day openings" depending on if you want just current day or current and next day openings added to your Twitter feed.

Once you've enabled the Twitter integration, WCONLINE will post a message to your Twitter feed whenever an appointment is canceled on the current or on the current and next day.  That Tweet will look like:

Available appointment at June 13, 2022: 1:30pm to 2:30pm with Alex Tutor (Writing Center Summer 2022)

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WCONLINE Product Manual

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This manual applies to the current version of WCONLINE® and is constantly updated as new features are released.