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Schedule Management

FAQ (Email Delivery, Blank Schedules, Setup, and More)

This section provides questions and answers on a variety of topics regarding schedule management, schedules, and schedule settings. Be sure to also review the Schedule Management manual pages, as questions answered there are not duplicated here.

Clients aren't receiving appointment confirmation and reminder messages.

WCONLINE will always send copies of appointment confirmation and reminder messages if set to do so. To figure out why clients aren't receiving messages, you’ll need to check a couple of things.

  • First, go to Schedule Management and edit the listing of a schedule for which messages aren't being received. Then, make sure that the appointment confirmation and/or reminder emails have an EMAIL SUBJECT listed.  If an email doesn't have a subject listed, that means that the email is off and won't be sent.
  • Next, ask the client to check their spam folder as it's possible that the messages are being sent to spam.

If the messages aren’t there and if these other suggestions don’t resolve the issue, you’ll need to reach out to your IT department and ask them to whitelist our mail servers, since the only other option is that the emails are being blocked as spam. For more information, review our larger FAQ on emails not being received.

I created a new schedule (or duplicated an old schedule) and nothing shows up when I view the schedule itself.

Creating a new schedule or duplicating an old schedule is only the first step in setting up a new schedule for a new scheduling period.  After setting up the schedule, you'll then need to add staff and resources to that new schedule via Staff and Resource Management.  Then, you'll use Starting Availability Management to add your staff and resources' hours to that new schedule.  For more information, see our detailed instructions on setting up a new schedule.

My schedule is completely blank even though I've added resources and hours.

If your schedule is completely blank, then you'll need to check several things to figure out why.

  • First, go to Holiday and Closure Management by clicking the link at the top of Schedule Management.  Then, make sure that your schedule isn't set to have every day closed.  If it is, use the options to remove the holidays and closures.
  • Next, check the schedule's AVAILABLE DATES as set in Schedule Management to ensure that the schedule is set to be open for the dates that you would like.
  • Next, check your staff and resources' AVAILABLE DATES as set in Staff and Resource Management to ensure that your staff are set to be open fo the dates that you would like.
  • Finally, check Blackout Times Management to ensure that your staff aren't simply blacked out for the entire day every day.  If they are, reset their schedules in Starting Availability Management and re-enter available hours as needed.

Administrators can see the schedule, but the schedule looks blank to students.

Most likely, this means that you've set LIMIT NUMBER OF DAYS AVAILABLE FOR SCHEDULING and AVAILABLE DATES in Schedule Management in a way that doesn't provide any days for clients or non-administrators to see.  Administrators can always see every day, so they're not impacted by this.

For example, assume that today is February 1 and your schedule is set to start on March 1. If you set LIMIT NUMBER OF DAYS AVAILABLE FOR SCHEDULING to allow clients to only book 7 days ahead, then they won't see any days on your schedule until February 22--when March 1 will show up as available. 

Schedule Management

SECTION 1: Schedule Management Overview

SECTION 2: Add or Edit: Introductory Settings

SECTION 3: Add or Edit: Schedule Options

SECTION 4: Add or Edit: Client Scheduling Limits

SECTION 5: Add or Edit: Schedule-Related Emails

SECTION 6: Add or Edit: Non-Standard (A/B) Schedules

SECTION 7: Holiday and Closure Management

SECTION 8: FAQ (Email Delivery, Blank Schedules, Setup, and More)

WCONLINE Product Manual

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CH 1: Welcome


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CH 5: Update Profile & Email Options

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CH 7: Schedule Management

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CH 22: Frequently Asked Questions

This manual applies to the current version of WCONLINE® and is constantly updated as new features are released.