Module Setup: Early Alerts/Flags

Module Setup: Early Alerts/Flags allows you to set up tracking of any student's appointment-making activity. You can enter any email addresses, including ones that are not registered in WCONLINE®, to be "flagged" and alerted. The email address receiving emails will be notified when the student in question makes, modifies or cancels an appointment, or if that student's appointment is marked as missed.

Most likely, the individual being flagged will be a student who needs some attention or is at-risk. And the individual receiving emails will be a professor or advisor who would like to know when his or her student makes appointments, whether the student keeps appointments, or whether the student is a no-show. You can enter any email addresses, though, so there is no requirement to use professors' or advisors' email addresses.

Remember that you can send client report forms to any email address or addresses using the "other email(s)" field at the bottom of the email options on the client report form. It is not necessary to flag a student just to send out client report emails to the student's professor.

Chapter Sections

SECTION 1: Using Module Setup: Early Alerts/Flags

SECTION 2: Early Alert/Flag Logs