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Module Setup: Early Alerts & Flags

Early Alerts: FAQ (Logs and More)

This section provides questions and answers on a variety of topics regarding WCONLINE's Early Alerts & Flags tool.  Be sure to also review the Module Setup: Early Alerts & Flags manual page as questions answered there are not duplicated here.

What are early alerts and flags?

Within WCONLINE, "Early alerts" and "flags" are two words for the same thing.  Alerts are notices sent via email to invested third parties about a client's use of a given center.  Typically, alerts are sent to an advisor, athlete's counselor, instructor, or other invested individual when a student makes, modifies, cancels, or misses an appointment.  The alert is a copy of the email that is sent to the client with an optional introduction and alternate subject.

How can I see what alerts have been sent?

Sample Early Alert Log DisplayTo see a client's alert log, go to Client and Record Management, search for the client, and click on "Edit Profile & Account" to the right of the client's information.  If you see "Early Alerts & Flags: Email Log" at the bottom of the resulting screen, alerts have been sent concerning that client.  Click the on-screen link to view a log of the sent emails.

What happens if I remove a client's alert?

If you remove a client's alert in Module Setup: Early Alerts & Flags, WCONLINE will simply stop sending alerts to the specified email address when a client makes, modifies, cancels, or misses an appointment.  The alert log of previously-sent alerts (as discussed above) will remain in Client and Record Management.

Module Setup: Early Alerts & Flags

SECTION 1: Early Alerts Setup and Use

SECTION 2: Early Alerts: FAQ (Logs and More)

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