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Staff & Resource Management and Administrators


Staff and resources are the tutors, consultants, advisors, etc. and also workshops, rooms, computers and other equipment, desks, etc. you would like to list with availability on the schedule.

Most centers want all their staff members to be basic administrators, so you will likely have staff members who are listed on the schedule and who are basic administrators. You can add administrators--on the schedule or not--using the link to Administrative Access Management.

Chapter Sections

SECTION 1: List, Adding a New Staff or Resource

SECTION 2: Duplicate Staff & Resources

SECTION 3: Manage Administrative Access

SECTION 4: List of Staff and Resources

SECTION 5: Overview of Options when Adding or Editing Staff & Resources

SECTION 6: Staff or Resource Name

SECTION 7: Availability

SECTION 8: Available Dates (for this Staff or Resource)

SECTION 9: Schedule (Where this Staff or Resource is Listed)

SECTION 10: Minimum and Maximum Allowable Appointment Length

SECTION 11: Resource Bio or Related Information

SECTION 12: Location

SECTION 13: Focuses

SECTION 14: Number of Appointments per Time Slot

SECTION 15: Limit the Number of Total Daily Appointments

SECTION 16: Limit the Number of Total Weekly Appointments

SECTION 17: In-Person & Online Availability

SECTION 18: Limit to Walk-Ins Only

SECTION 19: Online: Shared or Individual Rooms

SECTION 20: Email Address

SECTION 21: Send Appointment Confirmation Messages

SECTION 22: Display Email Address

SECTION 23: Limit Editing of Client Report Forms

SECTION 24: Make Resource a Basic Administrator

SECTION 25: What to Check if a Basic Administrator Cannot Use Options

SECTION 26: How to Hide or Archive Staff or Resources

SECTION 27: Online-Only and Other Specific Hours

SECTION 28: Extra Appointments and Floating Tutors

SECTION 29: How to Use Settings in Different Areas

SECTION 30: Check Before Deleting