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Staff & Resource Management


WCONLINE allows any names to be listed as "staff and resources," so you might list names of tutors, consultants, advisors, desk numbers, study rooms, workshop titles, study session labels, and so on. Usually, when staff members are tutors, consultants, etc., they are also basic administrators; however, someone does not have to be on the schedule in order to be an administrator.

You can also add administrators using the link to Administrative Access Management.

A "staff" is usually a person, while a "resource" is usually an item such as a testing desk or a workshop. We sometimes abbreviate the whole category to just "resources," meaning everyone and everything who/that can have appointments made with him/her/it. (There is never any offense intended in calling a person a "resource." Earlier versions of WCONLINE used only "resources," and as the best all-purpose term for names on the schedule, and many of our customers are familiar with this quick-to-use term.)

Staff and resources will be listed on your schedule on the left side below the day and date labels, so a student looking for an open time slot will see the staff or resource name and availability on a line of the schedule.

If you are setting up a new schedule, the next step is to use Starting Availability Management. It is normal and correct for staff and resources to appear on the schedule as available all the time until you set up their hours using Starting Availability Management. If you are concerned that students might make appointments, you can choose to temporarily disable your system using the first option in Global System Settings.

Chapter Sections

SECTION 1: Staff & Resource Management View, Administrative Access

SECTION 2: Staff and Resource List and Reports

SECTION 3: More Details: Notes on Duplicating

SECTION 4: More Details: Check Before Deleting

SECTION 5: Administrative Access Management

SECTION 6: Staff & Resource Info/Options: Name

SECTION 7: Staff & Resource Options: Available to Everyone or Administrators Only

SECTION 8: Staff & Resource Options: Email and Email Options

SECTION 9: More Details: What to Check if a Basic Administrator Cannot Use Options

SECTION 10: Staff & Resource Options: Bio/Information

SECTION 11: Staff & Resource Options: Location

SECTION 12: Staff & Resource Options: Focus Options

SECTION 13: Staff & Resource Options: Schedule

SECTION 14: Staff & Resource Options: Available Dates

SECTION 15: Staff & Resource Options: Number of Appointments Per Time Slot

SECTION 16: More Details: Groups and Workshops

SECTION 17: Staff & Resource Options: Shortest and Longest Allowable Appointment Lengths

SECTION 18: Staff & Resource Options: Max Number of Daily Appointments

SECTION 19: Staff & Resource Options: Available for Online Tutoring

SECTION 20: QUESTIONS: Walk-In-Only, Online-Only, and Other Specific Hours

SECTION 21: QUESTIONS: Extra Appointments and Floating Tutors

SECTION 22: QUESTIONS: Hiding or Archiving Staff or Resources

WCONLINE Product Manual

The product manual is available completely online. To browse the manual, choose a chapter from list below or use the search tool to quickly search the entire manual.

CH 1: This Manual

CH 2: My Center Opens Today

CH 3: WCONLINE Login Page

CH 4: Text-Only & Mobile

CH 5: Schedule View, Navigation and Options

CH 6: Appointments

CH 7: Client Report Forms

CH 8: Administrators and Non-Administrators

CH 9: Blackout Times Management

CH 10: Blackout Times Examples

CH 11: Synchronous Online Meetings

CH 12: SSO and LDAP/S

CH 13: Card Reader Support

CH 14: Schedule Management

CH 15: Global System Settings

CH 16: Form Setup (Four Forms)

CH 17: Tips and Questions

CH 18: Support

CH 19: Terms of Service and Other Company Information

This manual applies to the current version of WCONLINE® and is constantly updated as new features are released.