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Staff and Resource Management

Duplicate Staff & Resources

Duplicate Staff and Resources ExampleIn Staff and Resource Management (which you'll find under the "Schedule & Staff Management" section of the Welcome menu), you can create and manage staff and resources (or the people and things available for scheduling) and manage administrative access to WCONLINE. Appearing as a link at the top of the Staff and Resource Overview, the "Duplicate Staff & Resources" tool lets you duplicate returning staff and resources from an older schedule to a new schedule.

This tool is primarily used when creating a new schedule for a new scheduling period.  After adding a new schedule in Schedule Management, you'll add new staff and duplicate returning staff (via this tool) onto that new schedule in Staff and Resource Management.  Then, you'll add your staff and resource schedules using Starting Availability Management.  This manual entry describes the use of the "Duplicate Staff & Resources" tool.

When duplicating a staff or resource, only the staff or resource and its associated settings are duplicated. No appointments, client report forms, or other data are included in the process.  Finally, staff and resources can only be duplicated from and to schedules that have an AVAILABILITY of either "Available to Everyone" or "Available to Administrators Only" in Schedule Management.  If you want to work with staff and resources that are attached to a schedule that has been hidden or archived, you'll first need to edit that schedule in Schedule Management to change its AVAILABILITY to something other than "Hidden/Archived."

Using Duplicate Staff & Resources

SELECT STAFF OR RESOURCES TO DUPLICATE: When you first open Duplicate Staff & Resources, you'll be presented with a list of staff and resources that appear on your currently available schedules.  To copy one or more of those resources to a new schedule, check the checkbox next to the staff and resource names. 

SELECT TARGET SCHEDULE: Once you've selected the staff and resources that you want to duplicate, select your new schedule from this field.  Then, select the "duplicate selected staff" button.  WCONLINE will then make copies of the selected resources and add them as new resources on the new schedule.

After duplicating staff and resources, edit only their new entries in Staff and Resource Management if the settings should be different (as they'll be exactly as they were on the previous schedule).  Then, go to Starting Availability Management to enter the schedules for those staff and resources.  Finally, return to Schedule Management and change the AVAILABILITY of your old schedule to HIDDEN/ARCHIVED in order to hide the schedule and the old resources, while retaining all of your past data.

Staff and Resource Management

SECTION 1: Staff and Resource Overview

SECTION 2: Add or Edit: Introductory Settings

SECTION 3: Add or Edit: Staff & Resource Options

SECTION 4: Add or Edit: Email-Based Options

SECTION 5: Duplicate Staff & Resources

SECTION 6: Administrative Access Management

SECTION 7: FAQ (Administrative Access, Notifications, and More)

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