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Staff and Resource Management

Administrative Access Management

In Staff and Resource Management (which you'll find under the "Schedule & Staff Management" section of the Welcome menu), you can create and manage staff and resources (or the people and things available for scheduling) and manage administrative access to WCONLINE. Appearing as a link at the top of the Staff and Resource Overview (and only available to full administrators), "Administrative Access Management" tool lets you manage administrative access to WCONLINE.

Within WCONLINE, there are two types of administrative users.  Full Administrators are typically center directors or management and have access to all of the features and control panels within WCONLINE.  Because of their full power over WCONLINE, we recommend limiting the number of full administrators as much as possible. Basic Administrators, a status typically given to center employees (such as tutors, consultants, or other staff), have the ability to view all appointments, make appointments for others, enter and view client report forms, and access the control panels that they're given access to via options in Global System Settings.  By default, basic administrators do not have access to most of the control panels in WCONLINE and cannot delete large amounts of information from the system. For more information about administrative access to WCONLINE, review the extensive information available in this manual.

Sample Administrative Access Management Display
Working with Existing Administrators

WCONLINE recognizes an administrator by the email address that they use to log in to the program.  Therefore, Administrative Access Management opens with an alphabeticalized list of emails associated with EXISTING FULL ADMINISTRATORS and EXISTING BASIC ADMINISTRATORS.  Both lists offer nearly the same functionality (as described below).

ADMINISTRATOR NAME: If the email address is associated with an existing account on WCONLINE, then WCONLINE will display the first name and last name of the administrator directly to the right of the administrator's email address.  Selecting the name will open a window that shows the administrator's full registration profile and that offers a button that, when selected, resets the administrator's password and sends that new password via email.

+: When adding a new staff or resource in Staff and Resource Management, you can MAKE RESOURCE A BASIC ADMINISTRATOR as part of their listing as a staff or resource.  If administrative access was conveyed in this manner, WCONLINE will show a "+" sign next to the email address for the administrator's listing in this control panel.  Since that option ties administrative access to the schedule on which this staff or resource appears, setting the AVAILABILITY of that schedule to HIDDEN/ARCHIVED will also remove the associated staff or resource's administrative access.

HAS REGISTERED: YES/NO: If the email address is associated with an existing account on WCONLINE, then WCONLINE will display YES in this field.  If the email address isn't associated with an existing account, then WCONLINE will display NO in this field.  For more on ensuring and troubleshooting administrative access and logins, read our FAQ entry on the topic.

MAKE BASIC ADMIN / MAKE FULL ADMIN: If you want to make an existing full administrator into a basic administrator, select the "Make BASIC Admin" link next to that individual's listing under "EXISTING FULL ADMINISTRATORS."  If you want to make an existing basic administrator into a full administrator, select the "Make FULL Admin" link next to that individual's listing under "EXISTING BASIC ADMINISTRATORS."

REMOVE ADMIN ACCESS: Selecting this link will revoke the individual's administrative access.  This action doesn't impact the individual's account or previously stored data in any way except that the individual will immediately no longer be recognized as an administrator.  Note that you cannot make yourself a basic administrator or revoke your own administrative access.

Adding New Administrators

The form at the bottom of this control panel lets you add a new administrator.  Once added, individuals will remain administrators until their administrative access is removed using the REMOVE ADMIN ACCESS link (as described above).

ADMINISTRATOR'S EMAIL ADDRESS: This is the email address that the individual uses to log in to WCONLINE.  If you don't know the email address they use to log in, search for them in Client and Record Management and then make note of the email address attached to their account.

BASIC/FULL ADMINISTRATOR: Select the level of administrative access that this individual should have from the options "basic administrator" and "full administrator."

Staff and Resource Management

SECTION 1: Staff and Resource Overview

SECTION 2: Add or Edit: Introductory Settings

SECTION 3: Add or Edit: Staff & Resource Options

SECTION 4: Add or Edit: Email-Based Options

SECTION 5: Duplicate Staff & Resources

SECTION 6: Administrative Access Management

SECTION 7: FAQ (Administrative Access, Notifications, and More)

WCONLINE Product Manual

The product manual is available completely online. Choose a chapter from the list below or use the search tool to perform a keyword search.

CH 1: Welcome


CH 2: Data Collection & Forms

CH 3: Access, Access Levels, and the Schedule

CH 4: Synchronous Online Meetings


CH 5: Update Profile & Email Options

CH 6: Client & Record Management

CH 7: Schedule Management

CH 8: Staff and Resource Management

CH 9: Starting Availability Management

CH 10: Blackout Times Management

CH 11: Announcement Management

CH 12: Mass Email Tool

CH 13: System Data Export

CH 14: Report: System Statistics

CH 15: Report: Master Listings

CH 16: Report: System Utilization

CH 17: Global System Settings

CH 18: Form Setup: System Forms

CH 19: Module Setup: Early Alerts & Flags

CH 20: Module Setup: Survey

CH 21: Module Setup: Time Clock


CH 22: Frequently Asked Questions

This manual applies to the current version of WCONLINE® and is constantly updated as new features are released.