Common Questions and Short Answers

While the manual goes into a lot of detail about each option in each area, there are some "standard" questions, such as "how does the waiting list work" that are best answered in a few short paragraphs. This chapter answers some of those questions and gives links to more details.

You will also find "questions" sections under some of the specific chapters, such as under Staff & Resource Management. If you are looking for information that has to do with one area, such as on your schedule, or in your list of staff and resource names, check the matching chapter headings.

You are always welcome to ask our support team any questions and do not have to look for questions and answers in the manual.

Chapter Sections

SECTION 1: How to Set Up Workshops or Events

SECTION 2: Drop-Ins/Walk-Ins: Registration & Appointment-Making

SECTION 3: How the Waiting List Works

SECTION 4: Limit-To, Focus, and Groups

SECTION 5: Password Resets and Changing Passwords

SECTION 6: Emails and iCal

SECTION 7: Browsers & Popups & Timing Out

SECTION 8: Accounts Belonging to Graduated Clients

SECTION 9: Orphan Appointments

SECTION 10: Finals Week