Starting Availability Management

Starting Availability Management allows you to set regular, weekly hours for tutors, consultants, advisors, workshops, etc.

Click "add new schedule" next to a staff or resource name, and then click to open up available times. (Unchecked checkboxes are set as available hours.

Since Starting Availability Management sets up all available and unavailable times for you, it automatically accounts for different hours on different days. For example, if your center closes at 2 pm on Fridays, none of your tutors are available past 2 pm on Fridays, which means WCONLINE® automatically makes each tutor unavailable late Friday afternoons/evenings as you set their available hours.

Until you set hours in Starting Availability Management, all staff and resources are available during all hours on your schedule (so it might help to disable your system to prevent students from trying to make appointments). Please work with Starting Availability Management before looking at your schedule and trying to black out universally unavailable times.

Chapter Sections

SECTION 1: Use Starting Availability Management

SECTION 2: List of Schedules and Names, Dates, Add New Schedule, Reset

SECTION 3: Different Hours on Different Days

SECTION 4: Adding a Finals Week

SECTION 5: Almost All Hours Available

SECTION 6: Infrequent Flexible Openings

SECTION 7: How Unavailable Hours Work

SECTION 8: QUESTIONS: Hours Change Every Week