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Starting Availability Management


Starting Availability Management allows you to set regular (repeating through the semester, quarter, or term) available hours or available slots for tutors, consultants, advisors, workshops, testing stations, etc.

Click "ADD NEW SCHEDULE" next to a staff or resource name, and then click to open up available times. (Unchecked checkboxes are set as available hours.)

Since Starting Availability Management sets up all available and unavailable times for you, it automatically accounts for different hours on different days. For example, if your center closes at 2 pm on Fridays, none of your tutors are available past 2 pm on Fridays, which means WCONLINE automatically makes each tutor unavailable late Friday afternoons/evenings as you set their available hours.

Starting Availability Management is meant to be used only once to set regular availability, so you will not make adjustments here; you can work with blackouts to make changes.

Note that, if you are using slot scheduling, you will see "SLOT" instead of times. Since time-based scheduling is more common and times allow us to use examples with times and increments, almost all our instructions refer to times. You can read our instructions assuming that, for example, replacing "8:00am" with "slot 1" works in every scenario.

Chapter Sections

SECTION 1: Setting Available Hours

SECTION 2: Non-Standard A/B Scheduling and Slot Scheduling

SECTION 3: Add New Schedule and Automated Scheduling

SECTION 4: Reset

SECTION 5: Different Hours on Different Days

SECTION 6: Unavailable Hours are Blackouts

SECTION 7: Adding a Finals Week

SECTION 8: Hours Change After Pre-Planned Dates

SECTION 9: Almost All Hours Available

SECTION 10: Infrequent Flexible Openings