Mass Email Tool

The Mass Email Tool Configuration and Sending OptionsThe Mass Email Tool allows you to send an email to all clients, or to a subset of clients and/or administrators based on a variety of different criteria.  Typically available to full administrators only, the tool allows for emails to be formatted with text-formatting and include images.  All emails are logged and are copied to the CENTER EMAIL ADDRESS as set in Global System Settings.  As with all control panels, be sure to hover over the blue question marks within the control panel in order to find suggestions and more information about each configuration option

Mass emails are configured via the Mass Email ToolThat control panel is available under the "System Utilities & Reports" section of the Welcome menu and is typically available to full administrators only. In addition providing tools to define the recipients, compose, and send a mass email, the control panel also gives access to a subsection available via link at the top of the page:

  • VIEW MASS EMAIL LOG: Beginning with the release of WCONLINE 7 in early 2019, WCONLINE began logging all mass emails sent through the program.  When an email is sent, WCONLINE records the date the email was sent, the email's subject, and the name and IP address of the individual who sent the message, and displays that information in this log.  Since emails are automatically copied to the CENTER EMAIL ADDRESS, WCONLINE does not record the content of the outgoing email.

Sample Mass Email Log