Welcome to the WCONLINE Manual

If you are new, welcome to WCONLINE®! First, everyone--new and long-term users of WCONLINE®--should feel welcome to ask us questions and follow up with any additional questions. Our support team aims to give a lot of information and anticipate questions, so please always let us know how we can help you.

This online manual provides instructions, notes and tips, and aims to both give quick instructions and answer potential questions--ones that have come up before and ones that we guess might not have obvious answers from your perspective. Some people like to read about a lot of possible details, while others do not. You are not required to read the whole manual! Please ask us questions without feeling you have to read first.

The manual is searchable. Use short search terms or exact terms that appear in WCONLINE®. Not finding something via the search does not mean it is not included in WCONLINE®. If you have trouble finding an answer or are not sure what vocabulary to use in the first place, please remember that you are welcome to ask us questions.

Most customers have requested a lot of details and commented that they like the conversational "notes," and, since we work with thousands of people, we have explained some areas in multiple variations that work for different individuals. The manual includes more information on most areas than you will most likely need. If you find WCONLINE® easy to work with without all the discussion here, simply use the instructions within the program. Or, if you happen to have a question on something that does not have as much detail as you need, let us know.

The manual does not list every step that simply works as expected; for example, we do not explain that clicking "save changes" saves the changes.

We expect that options will be used in different ways but usually give simple examples. (For example, we list "focus options" that are specific courses, while the focus can be used for anything at all. The manual aims to define and explain all possible options, but it does not list every possible combination or every potential use of each option. You are welcome to try options to see what works best for your center. The manual does usually exclude comments on what is not possible, because it is explaining how to use WCONLINE®.

And, you might be interested in whether something can be customized, but, because customizations are specific to each center, the manual does not list every area or option that could be customized, so please ask us if you have an idea or a request.

Your center might have a customization that means you will use different instructions than we list in the manual, or where you see something different from what is described and shown in the manual. If you do have a customization, please use the information that we share with each other when you request the customization and when we complete it and respond.

This is a (detailed, and, we hope, helpful) product manual and so is not a comprehensive list of what WCONLINE® can and cannot do, a legal document promising or guaranteeing that you can do something that is mentioned or cannot do something that is not mentioned, a source of company information, repository of company documents, etc. Not finding information does not indicate our refusal to discuss or provide it. We give suggestions here just as we would in a detailed email or phone call, and still expect you to have questions and need customizations that are specific to your center. Further, if you need company information, please ask us. While our manual lists links to commonly-requested areas such as our Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and W-9 for your convenience, it does not include the full text of these, nor does it include other information that is available upon request, such as our full VAPT, detailed security questions and answers, and other product and company information. Please note that our Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, W-9, and infrastructure overview are available at the bottom of every page, that we have company and product websites, and that you are welcome to ask us any questions you might have.

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