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Welcome and Current Common Questions


This online manual provides instructions, suggestions, and examples, with a lot of information based on questions that administrators have asked us about using the options in WCONLINE. The manual is written to both give quick instructions and answer potential questions--ones that have come up before and ones that we guess might not have obvious answers from your perspective. Some people like to read about a lot of possible details, while others do not. You are not required to read the whole manual or to search for an answer. Please ask us questions anytime.

Chapter Sections

SECTION 1: Your Welcome Email and First Schedule

SECTION 2: Where to Look First: Schedule View and Customizing Your Site

SECTION 3: In-Application Instructions and Question Bubbles

SECTION 4: New Director?

SECTION 5: Adding Online Appointments During Spring-Fall 2020

SECTION 6: Adding File Attachments and eTutoring During Spring-Fall 2020

SECTION 7: Center Offering Face-to-Face and Online Tutoring

SECTION 8: Customizing Names and Instructions for Online Meetings and eTutoring

SECTION 9: Quick Notes on Options in Schedule Management

SECTION 10: Adding New Full Administrators