Global System Settings

In Global System Settings, you can set personalized information about your center and options that apply to (as the name implies) your site overall.

Use options in Global System Settings to change the email address on outgoing emails, set your no-show policy, require email confirmation of registration, set a domain limit, add social media integration, and more.

Global System Settings has a question bubble for nearly every option, so hover over those anytime you are working with these settings and are not sure of details.

Chapter Sections

SECTION 1: Disable System

SECTION 2: Go To...Quick Links to Areas of Global System Settings

SECTION 3: Center or System Name

SECTION 4: Center or System Email

SECTION 5: Center Description

SECTION 6: Header Logo


SECTION 8: Text Messaging

SECTION 9: Google Translate

SECTION 10: Require Schedule Selection

SECTION 11: Hide Admin Staff

SECTION 12: Enable Card Reader Support

SECTION 13: Appt. Deletion Confirmation

SECTION 14: Online Consultation Module Options

SECTION 15: Registration Email

SECTION 16: Forced Update

SECTION 17: Time Zone Support

SECTION 18: Auto-Refresh Schedule

SECTION 19: Vanity Address

SECTION 20: Email Limit

SECTION 21: Domain Limit

SECTION 22: Integration Options

SECTION 23: Language Options

SECTION 24: Appointment and Schedule Colors

SECTION 25: Web Links

SECTION 26: Social Media Integration

SECTION 27: No-Show Policy and Enforcement

SECTION 28: Administrative Control Panel Access