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Global System Settings


Global System Settings - Top of the Control PanelGlobal System Settings allows you to configure a variety of system-wide settings used throughout WCONLINE.  This includes information about your center, the language used throughout WCONLINE, the appearance of WCONLINE, and the types of files accepted throughout the program.  You can also configure a no-show or missed appointment policy, define how registrations work, or even set the powers that basic administrators have.  Typically, a center administrator will work through the options when initially setting up WCONLINE and then might revisit the options on an annual basis or when a specific setting or feature needs adjusted.

As with all control panels, be sure to hover over the blue question marks within the control panel in order to find suggestions and more information about each configuration option.  If you still have questions about a feature after having done so, find more information on that feature by going to the section in this chapter where that feature is located (as available at the bottom of this page).

The Global System Settings control panel is available under the "System Configuration" section of the Welcome menu, and is available to full administrators only.  The control panel is divided into several sections.  Select a section title in order to go to the manual entry for the options in that area. 

  • INTRODUCTORY SETTINGS: These are the settings that appear at the top of Global System Settings and control overall access to your site, as well as your site's name, logo, email address, and description.
  • GENERAL SETTINGS: Appearing directly below Introductory Settings, these settings cover a wide variety of system-wide features.  This includes everything from the setting of your center's local time, to the use of text messaging, to GDPR compliance.
  • FILE UPLOAD-SPECIFIC SETTINGSThe next setting defines how file attachments work, as well as the types of file attachments allowed.  Separately, file attachments are enabled on a schedule-by-schedule basis via the ALLOW FILES TO BE ATTACHED TO APPOINTMENTS option in Schedule Management.
  • REGISTRATION-SPECIFIC SETTINGS: The next section defines a variety of global registration limits that impact clients when they fill out your registration form in order to create a new account on the system.
  • CROSS-SCHEDULE LIMITS: Directly below "Registration-Specific Limits," you'll find optional scheduling limits that can be imposed across all schedules (as opposed to schedule-specific limits set on a schedule-by-schedule basis in Schedule Management).
  • APPOINTMENT, UNAVAILABLE TIME, AND SYSTEM COLORS: The next section lets you set the colors used in WCONLINE to represent different blocks of time and different types of appointments.  You can also define the colors used on the login page.
  • SOCIAL MEDIAThe next section lets you link your WCONLINE site to your center's or institution's social media pages.  This lets students get to those pages easily.  
  • NO-SHOW POLICY AND ENFORCEMENTDirectly below "Social Media," you'll find settings designed to let you implement a no-show policy at your center.  This policy can optionally remove a client's access if they miss too many appointments, for example.
  • CONTROL-PANEL & FEATURE ACCESSFinally, this section lets you define what control panels and features basic administrators can and cannot access. 

In addition to the settings within Global System Settings directly, the control panel also gives access to subsections available via link at the top of the page.  Specifically, you can access the following areas:

  • SYSTEM INTEGRATIONSThis section allows you to replace components of WCONLINE with other programs.  For example, you can replace WCONLINE's Online Consultation Module with Zoom.
  • LANGUAGE OPTIONSThis section lets you define the language that WCONLINE uses to describe and label a variety of things--such as how the system talks about asynchronous sessions.
  • AUTHENTICATION OPTIONSThis section allows you to set up single-sign-on with WCONLINE so that clients can sign in to WCONLINE using their institutional credentials.
  • SYSTEM LOG: This section provides a listing of the most recent major administrative changes made to settings throughout the program (such as if an administrator deletes data).  Because this tool is self-explanatory and doesn't offer settings or options, there isn't a manual subsection devoted to this tool.
  • PROGRAM CREDITS: Finally, this section provides an overview of the development of WCONLINE as well as the other software libraries throughout the program.  Because this tool is self-explanatory and doesn't offer settings or options, there isn't a manual subsection devoted to this tool.

Global System Settings

SECTION 1: Introductory Settings

SECTION 2: General Settings

SECTION 3: File Upload-Specific Settings

SECTION 4: Registration-Specific Settings

SECTION 5: Cross-Schedule Limits

SECTION 6: Appointment, Unavailable Time, and System Colors

SECTION 7: Social Media

SECTION 8: No-Show Policy and Enforcement

SECTION 9: Control Panel & Feature Access

SECTION 10: System Integrations

SECTION 11: Language Options

SECTION 12: Authentication Options

WCONLINE Product Manual

The product manual is available completely online. Choose a chapter from the list below or use the search tool to perform a keyword search.

CH 1: Welcome


CH 2: Data Collection & Forms

CH 3: Access, Access Levels, and the Schedule

CH 4: Synchronous Online Meetings


CH 5: Update Profile & Email Options

CH 6: Client & Record Management

CH 7: Schedule Management

CH 8: Staff and Resource Management

CH 9: Starting Availability Management

CH 10: Blackout Times Management

CH 11: Announcement Management

CH 12: Mass Email Tool

CH 13: System Data Export

CH 14: Report: System Statistics

CH 15: Report: Master Listings

CH 16: Report: System Utilization

CH 17: Global System Settings

CH 18: Form Setup: System Forms

CH 19: Module Setup: Early Alerts & Flags

CH 20: Module Setup: Survey

CH 21: Module Setup: Time Clock


CH 22: Frequently Asked Questions

This manual applies to the current version of WCONLINE® and is constantly updated as new features are released.