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Module Setup: Time Clock


The time clock can be used as a traditional time clock, meaning people clock in when they arrive and out when they leave, or it can be used as a "waiting room," which displays a list of individuals waiting in person for appointments.

There is not a requirement to use the time clock. WCONLINE always counts appointments as having happened, including saving their correct lengths. Only if appointments are canceled or marked as no-shows are they taken off the schedule (and still recorded for your reports). Having appointments counted automatically saves a lot of time and busywork, since no one is required to check in and out.

The time clock can be a helpful way to collect additional data on when clients arrive and leave, if they use center equipment or spaces, if they join and leave group appointments at different times, and if they are waiting in person. The time clock can also help to track staff hours.

Many centers have a lot of walk-ins, and most are handled through just making "appointments" to record the time the student arrived or started a meeting, along with data about what the student needs help with. The student could make his or her own appointment, a front desk assistant might make the appointment for the student, or the tutor/advisor/etc. might make the appointment for the student as they start talking. If you find it useful to have walk-in students clock in and out, it might also be helpful to have students swipe a card to log in and clock in quickly as they arrive, and then swipe to log in and clock out as they leave.

Without the card reader, a green (clock in) or red (clock out) checkmark appears at the top left of the schedule view. Clicking the checkmark opens a window where the individual can answer your time clock question(s) and clock in, or clock out. With the card reader, the time clock appears next to the login area.

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SECTION 1: Enable and Customize the Time Clock

SECTION 2: Clocking In and Out

SECTION 3: Time Clock Data

SECTION 4: Examples of Using the Time Clock and Waiting Room

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