Schedule Management

A "schedule" in WCONLINE® both displays availability at your center and also provides requirements and rules for appointment-making.

You will see your schedule names in drop-down menus at the top of the schedule view and in reports. Your students will use the schedule name or names to choose the center or type of tutoring/advising/testing, and then make appointments on that schedule. You can run reports by schedule by selecting a schedule to see only the data on that schedule. For example, if you have a writing center, a math center, and an advising center, each one would logically be a schedule, because students would select a name based on, "I need help with..." (writing vs. math vs. advising). And, you might check System Statistics for your whole site, for only the math center, for sophomores visiting the math center, etc.

If you are setting up a new schedule, start in Schedule Management. Add the schedule's name and read through the options and limits to decide which you would like to use, and personalize your emails.

Use the links below each schedule's name to open the Master Appointment Report, limited automatically to the report you are looking for. Or use the "schedule" link to go to that schedule.

Chapter Sections

SECTION 1: Schedule Management View, Holidays & Closures

SECTION 2: Schedule List and Reports

SECTION 3: Holidays and Closures Management

SECTION 4: Schedule Info/Options: Schedule Title

SECTION 5: Schedule Info/Options: Available to Everyone... (Drop-Down Menu)

SECTION 6: Schedule Info/Options: Available Times

SECTION 7: Schedule Info/Options: Displayed in...Increments

SECTION 8: Schedule Info/Options: Closed Days

SECTION 9: Schedule Info/Options: Open Dates

SECTION 10: Schedule Options: Display the Schedule

SECTION 11: Schedule Options: Use the Waiting List Feature

SECTION 12: Schedule Options: Allow Resource Selection by Focus

SECTION 13: More Details: Optional vs. Required Selection by Focus

SECTION 14: Schedule Options: Display the Resources

SECTION 15: Schedule Options: Allow Files to be Attached to Appointments

SECTION 16: Schedule Options: Number of Days to Show at a Time on the Schedule Display

SECTION 17: Schedule Limits: Maximum Number & Minutes of Appointments

SECTION 18: Schedule Limits: Prevent Back-to-Back Appointments

SECTION 19: Schedule Limits: How Many Days Ahead Must Clients Make Appointments

SECTION 20: Schedule Limits: Prevent...Multiple Resources at the Same Time

SECTION 21: Schedule Options: Limit the Time At Which Appointments Can Begin

SECTION 22: Schedule Limits: Number of Days in the Future Available for Scheduling

SECTION 23: Schedule Limits: Number of Minutes Before an Appointment...Modified or Canceled

SECTION 24: Emails: Appointment Emails and Optional Distinct "Cancel" Emails

SECTION 25: Emails and Texts: Reminders

SECTION 26: Emails and Texts: Waiting List Notifications