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Form Setup: Appointments, Client Reports, and Registrations and Survey Questions and Answers


You can customize your own registration, appointment, client report, and survey forms to collect data that you can review and find in reports later on. All four forms allow tweet of your own questions and drop-down, single and multiple checkbox, Likert, fill-in, and longer text box answers.

Everyone fills out the registration form the first time they go to your WCONLINE site. You will probably choose to collect demographic information and possibly ask a question about how the student found out about your center.

Clients or students fill out the appointment form when they make an appointment. The appointment form is helpful for finding out what the student needs help with in that appointment and any other appointment-specific information.

The client report form is the post-session report that staff members typically fill out after appointments.

The survey, set up through Module Setup: Surveys, is for clients to fill out after sessions to evaluate the sessions and/or comment on what was done.

Please know that you are welcome to change our sample questions. For example, instead of the sample "Assignment" and "Comments" that are on client report form, use your own questions, and add drop-downs and lists of checkboxes as possible answers.

Chapter Sections

SECTION 1: All Forms: Questions, Possible Answers, Order on Form, Required or Optional

SECTION 2: Form Setup: Appointments

SECTION 3: Form Setup: Client Reports

SECTION 4: Form Setup: Registrations

SECTION 5: Survey Questions and Answers in Module Setup: Surveys

SECTION 6: Finding Data Collected on the Forms

SECTION 7: Changing Order or Removing Questions

SECTION 8: Changing Form Questions and Mixed Answers