Client & Record Management

Client & Record Management lists every registered client or user in your system. So if someone has registered using the registration form or has been registered using the "Add a New Client" form, that individual shows up in Client & Record Management.

Go into Client & Record Management to find a client for any reason, such as to help with a password change, to check a student's list of no-shows, to quickly see if someone is an administrator, or to see the email address someone used to register (and so is using to log in).

When you first start using WCONLINE®, you and only maybe a co-director and a staff member might be first people to register and so will be the only ones to show up in Client & Record Management. As soon as students start registering, you will see hundreds to thousands of clients listed, and those will be mostly students using your center. As a note, nearly all your appointment statistics depend on people having made appointments, so your own and your staff's registration will not affect appointment statistics.

Chapter Sections

SECTION 1: Client & Record Management Options

SECTION 2: Working with Each Client in the List

SECTION 3: Notes on Client Profiles

SECTION 4: QUESTIONS: Client Seems to Have Extra Data