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Client & Record Management


Client & Record Management lists every registered client or user in your system. Ir someone registered using the registration form or was registered using the "Add a New Client" form, that individual shows up in Client & Record Management.

Go into Client & Record Management to find a client for any reason, such as to help with a password change, check a student's list of no-shows, quickly see if someone is an administrator, or check the email address someone used to register (and so is using to log in).

When you first start using WCONLINE, you and only maybe a co-director and a staff member might be first people to register and so will be the only ones to show up in Client & Record Management. As soon as students start registering, you will see hundreds to thousands of clients listed. Note that nearly all your appointment statistics depend on people having made appointments, so your own and your staff's registration will not affect appointment statistics.

Chapter Sections

SECTION 1: Client & Record Management View and Options

SECTION 2: Edit Profile & Account

SECTION 3: Problems with Shared Staff Accounts