Update Profile & Email Options

Each individual has their own profile and email options, and only the logged-in individual can edit their own email options. Someone's profile includes their including registration information (with email address and password), and email preferences include opting in or out of receiving emails, as well as using the iCal and text messaging options if those are made available using options in Global System Settings.

A student can edit something in their profile, set a new password (when already logged in), or change an option such as to add a phone number under their own Update Profile & Email Options.

While an administrator can edit a student's profile under Client & Record Management, an administrator cannot change a student's email options because anti-spam laws require that each student be in control of his or her own email options.

Use the "Update Profile & Email Options" link at the top of your welcome menu to edit your own profile, too (including changing your own password) and update your email options.

Update Profile & Email Options is in everyone's welcome menu--administrators and non-administrators alike--so if a student asks how to change something in his or her own profile, would like to change his or her own password, or needs to "opt out" of emails such as reminders or mass emails, direct the student to Update Profile & Email Options.

You would open your Update Profile & Email Options to change your own password, or to set your own email preferences, not to set other people's passwords or determine whether a student receives emails. If you need to access a client's profile, go into Client & Record Management, find the client and click to "edit profile/password." If you are looking for how to turn on or off appointment and reminder emails, go into Schedule Management to see and add/remove the subject line for each of those emails.

If you are using SSO and would like to change your own, administrator's, password, find your own name in Client & Record Management and click on your own "edit profile/password."

Chapter Sections

SECTION 1: Update Profile, Including Password

SECTION 2: Email Options

SECTION 3: iCal and Other Calendar Emails

SECTION 4: Text Message Options

SECTION 5: QUESTIONS: iCal Attachments