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Administrators and Non-Administrators


Every WCONLINE user registers and can log in, and everyone is identified by email address. You can add administrators' email addresses, so that, if a logged-in individual has an email address that is an exact match for an email address that is listed as an administrator, that individual can see the appropriate administrative options.

You can add any number of email addresses as full or basic administrators.

Most people make their tutors and other staff basic administrators, because basic administrative access tends to match the role of those individuals at the center. Basic administrators can make appointments for other people, open other people's appointments, and see students' profile information. Basic administrators can enter, view and edit client report forms, see the Master Listings Report, and view and manage the waiting list. You can use the "Control Panel Access" options at the bottom of Global System Settings to add more abilities for basic administrators.

Non-administrators cannot see other people's information, so a student looking at your schedule cannot see the names of other students, make appointments for other students, or see other names on the waiting list, in the waiting room, or in group appointments.

Chapter Sections

SECTION 1: Full and Basic Administrators

SECTION 2: Clients and All Others

SECTION 3: Adding Administrators

SECTION 4: Basic Administrators as People

SECTION 5: Overriding Schedule and Appointment Limits