Synchronous Online Meetings

WCONLINE® includes a built-in online consultation module, where a student and tutor (any two people) can meet synchronously online.

To start using online meetings on your site, use the "Available for online tutoring?" menu at the bottom of any tutor's settings in Staff & Resource Management to choose any combination that includes "Online."

When students make appointments with that staff or resource, they can choose "Yes - Meet Online" to create an online meeting. Both the student and tutor open the appointment a few minutes before it is time to meet, and then can click on a red "Start or join online consultation" link, which opens the synchronous online meeting.

Chapter Sections

SECTION 1: Questions During Your Online Meeting

SECTION 2: Making Online Meetings Available

SECTION 3: More Administrator Information about Online Meetings

SECTION 4: Specific Online Tutoring Hours