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Form Setup: System Forms

Form Setup: Appointments

Using Form Setup: Appointments (which you'll find under the "System Configuration" section of the Welcome menu), you'll define the questions that appear on the appointment form.  The appointment form is the form that is filled out when making an appointment.   As with all control panels, be sure to hover over the blue question marks within the control panel in order to find suggestions and more information about each configuration option.

Like the registration, client report, and survey forms, the appointment form is limited to a total of twenty questions; however, unlike the other forms, you can create schedule-specific appointment forms that are unique to each schedule. For more information on appointments and their use (as opposed to the setup of the appointment form), read the manual entry on "appointments."

Appointment Form Questions

Image of the Entry Area for Adding Appointment Form Questions

In addition to the questions that you define, the appointment form will always collect the appointment date and time, the schedule, and the client and staff or resource.  In addition, form will collect the appointment type or modality (as set on a per staff or resource basis via the IN-PERSON & ONLINE AVAILABILITY option in Staff and Resource Management) and collect file attachments (as enabled via the ALLOW FILES TO BE ATTACHED TO APPOINTMENTS setting in Schedule Management).

QUESTION: This field lets you define the question as asked on the appointment form.

Form Setup: Appointments Possible Answer TypesPOSSIBLE ANSWERS: This field lets you define the type of answers or the available answer choices available to answer the corresponding question on the appointment form.  Be sure to review the "Possible Answer Types" informational box above the question configuration options for extensive information about the various answer types.  The appointment form offers fill-in, drop-down, checkbox, multiple checkbox, Likert, and large text area question and answer types.  

The appointment form's POSSIBLE ANSWERS includes some special functionality that isn't part of other forms in the system.  For example, the "fill-in" answer type supports a response that begins with http:// or https://.  This allows you to ask something like, "Please provide a link to your Google or Dropbox document" and have the client's answer be clickable on the appointment form.  The "Possible Answer Types" informational box in Form Setup: Appointments provides these details.

REQUIRED? This field lets you set whether or not a client has to complete the corresponding question in order to save their appointment.  Note that administrators can make appointments for and in the name of clients without filling in any of the required fields (unless the QUESTION VISIBILITY is also designated as "administrators only" as described below).

ORDER ON FORM: This field lets you change where questions appear on your appointment form.  Once clients have begun making appointments on your system, you'll want to use the "Order on Form" field to change the question order, as your data is tied to the specific question (Question #1, #2, etc).  For more on why this is important, review our recommendations on making changes to your forms.

QUESTION VISIBILITY: this option allows you to make appointment form questions that are only answered by and seen by administrators.  By default (and if this option is set to "normal visibility," all appointment form questions and answers are visible to administrators and to the client who has the appointment.  If you set this option to "administrators only," then only full and basic administrators will be able to see and answer the question.  

This option might be useful if a center has an administrator that labels appointments for specific purposes (such as for a specific room or to be billed under a specific grant), but doesn't want that information available to or seen by the client.  Keep in mind, though, that this option should not be used to collect post-session staff feedback, as that information is typically collected on the client report form.

LIMIT TO SPECIFIC SCHEDULES? By limiting appointment form questions to specific schedules, you can create schedule-specific appointment forms.  This might be especially useful if more than one center shares a WCONLINE site.  Each center would be able to create questions that only appear on their schedules, allowing them to collect the data that they need for their center.

If you want a specific question to only appear on a specific schedule or schedules, select the appropriate schedule or schedules from the list of schedules that appears below this option.  Only schedules that have an AVAILABILITY of "Available to Everyone" or "Available to Administrators Only" (as set in Schedule Management) will appear in this list of schedules. Leave all of the boxes unchecked to have question appear on all schedules.  

Questions that appear on every schedule are labeled, "This question currently appears on all schedules."  If none of the boxes are selected and this message doesn't appear, then that means that the question is attached to a schedule or schedules that have an AVAILABILITY of "Hidden/Archived" in Schedule Management. Simply click the 'reset schedule specific limit' link to remove the existing limit and have the question appear on all schedules.

Form Setup: System Forms

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