WCONLINE with Mobile Devices

Add a Home-Screen Icon

On an iPhone, the first time, or first couple of times, that you open WCONLINE®, you will automatically be offered brief instructions on adding the home screen icon. With or without the blue message about adding a home screen icon, you can touch the box with an arrow. (This is the same symbol that allows you to email, text, tweet, post to Facebook, etc. You are still in your web browser, not in the App Store.) Touch "Add to Home Screen." Next, if you would like, edit the name of the icon, and then touch "Add." This will place a red WCONLINE® icon on your home screen. Touch the icon to go to your WCONLINE® login page. If you would prefer not to add a home screen icon, close or ignore the message.

On an Android, use the device's settings to add a bookmark to your screen. The bookmark will show a red WCONLINE® logo, and/or you can personalize the bookmark.

Chapter Sections

SECTION 1: Add a Home-Screen Icon

SECTION 2: Hovering for Information

SECTION 3: Browser Windows and Forms

SECTION 4: Online Tutoring Sessions