Ready for Next Semester? A Few Suggestions...

We recommend creating new schedules, with new staff and resources, to set up each semester (or other scheduling period, such as each quarter, term, etc.).

Since most centers have changes to staff hours each semester, want to be able to quickly find old data by semester, and have a few updates to staffing each semester, it helps to have a new schedule, with new staff and resources, each time. And, when you use the options in WCONLINE® to create new schedules with new staff and resources, and archive or hide older schedules, your lists of staff and resources and administrators stay up to date.

As always, we strongly recommend against deleting schedules or staff or resources.

The goal in setting up a new semester is to create a new schedule with new staff and resources for the next time period so that new appointments are on the new schedule. New schedules and staff and resources are created by adding new ones or by duplicating existing ones. Since schedules and staff and resources are at least similar--if not the same--from semester to semester, duplicating both is usually efficient.

If you are not sure what duplicating means or would like a brief review, please see this short section.

(This includes steps in the order you are likely to find them convenient, such as returning later to hide or archive an older schedule.)

  1. Go to Schedule Management and click “duplicate” next to the current schedule. Type in the name of the new schedule (such as “XYZ Spring 2016”), and click the button to duplicate. Close the small window.

  2. Click “edit” for the new schedule, make sure the schedule’s closed days and overall times are correct, and set “available dates,” which are your open dates for the upcoming semester. If you need to prevent students from seeing this new schedule, make it available to administrators only using the drop-down that starts with "available to everyone" next to the schedule's name. Remember to click "save changes" at the bottom.

  3. Repeat the above two steps if you have multiple new schedules to duplicate. If you have any completely new schedules to add, use the "add a new schedule" symbol to add them.

  4. If you know days that should be closed, such as midterm break, Thanksgiving, or spring break, click the "add or manage holidays & closures" symbol and add those as closed days. This prevents clients from making appointments on those days.

  5. Go to Staff & Resource Management, and click “duplicate” next to any tutor or other staff member who is returning for the next semester. In the new, small window here, check the boxes for any other staff and resources who or that should show up on the schedule in the next semester. Go to the bottom and carefully select the new schedule name, and then click the button to duplicate resources. Close the small window.

  6. If you have any new staff and resources to add, click the "add a new staff member or resource" symbol and fill out the form, making sure to choose the new schedule from the "schedule" drop-down. Please note that this step is not for duplicating but is for adding brand-new staff and resources. When you duplicate staff and resources, you will see a drop-down labeled "add the new resources to," not "schedule." The "schedule" menu allows you to assign a new staff or resource to one of your schedules.

  7. Go to Starting Availability Management and click "add new schedule" next to one of the staff or resources on the new schedule. Click on times to make those times available, using the shift key on your keyboard to uncheck a range of boxes (such as 10:00 am to 1:00 pm) at once. Click "install schedule," and then move on to the next staff or resource on the new schedule.

  8. If you have one or more schedule-specific appointment form questions, go to Form Setup: Appointments, and check whichever boxes are needed to add the question or questions to the new schedule or schedules. If all the boxes are unchecked, questions are automatically on all your schedules, so you do not have to add checkmarks.

  9. When you are ready for students to start seeing the new schedule and when you are finished using the older schedule, go to Schedule Management and click "default" next to the (or one of the) newer schedule(s). Then, click "edit" next to the (or each of the) older schedule(s), and choose "hidden/archived" in the drop-down that starts with "available to everyone" next to the schedule's name. Click "save changes" at the bottom. If any new schedules are available to administrators only, click "edit" to select "available to everyone." Hiding/archiving a schedule moves it farther down on your list of schedules in Schedule Management, hides the names of its staff and resources, and takes its name out of the drop-down of schedules on your schedule view.


Do not delete current/old schedules or staff and resources. Hiding/archiving a schedule hides it from view in most places, and also hides the names of its staff and resources from the list in Staff & Resource Management. WCONLINE® can save unlimited numbers of old schedules and staff and resources, so you can always save and return to your old data.


Overall setup: For more details on the process of duplicating a schedule, duplicating staff and resources, and then using Starting Availability Management, see these screen shots.

Schedule: For more details and screen shots of duplicating a schedule, see this section.

Staff and Resources: For more details and screen shots of duplicating staff and resources, see this section.

Duplicating staff and resources is meant to take the place of typing the same names, email addresses, email options, bios, focus options, etc. for staff or resources returning from last semester. It is the answer to, "Ugh, I have to add the exact same names and details for nine out of ten people. I wish there were some way to just copy them over onto the new schedule but leave their appointments on last semester..." And it should prevent having to do anything to resources individually, meaning you do not have to enter each one or edit each one. "Duplicate" does not mean the same thing as "edit" or "delete."

Duplicating is completely different from editing staff and resources. When you duplicate staff and resources, the result is new copies of the old staff and resources. If you were to move them, you would end up with the same resources, with their old appointments, on your new schedule. Do not click "edit" for your existing staff and resources to move them to the new schedule You should be seeing the "Add New Resources To" drop-down menu label, not just a "Schedule" down-menu label.

After clicking "duplicate," you will see a small window that shows staff and resource names with checkboxes. The two small screen shots below show the top of that window, and then the bottom with the "add the new resources to" drop-down menu.

If you see the options for editing a staff or resource, and are going to choose from a "schedule" drop-down, you are not in the right place:

With more than one schedule, duplicate one group of resources at a time. For example, check the boxes for all the resources on the Writing Center Fall 2015 schedule, look at the "Add New Resources to" drop-down menu, choose "Writing Center Spring 2016," and then click the "duplicate resources" button. Next, move on to the staff and resources listed under "Academic Advising Fall 2015." Check the boxes for that next group of staff and resources, look at the "Add New Resources to" drop-down menu, choose "Academic Advising Spring 2016," and then click the "duplicate resources" button. If you do not see checkboxes and an "Add New Resources To" drop-down menu, stop and return to the list in Staff & Resource Management to click "duplicate"--not "edit"--next to a name.

Most schedules have staff or resources with names and other details that are conducive to duplicating, such as "Jane Doe." If your schedule happens to not have names that are easily copied from one semester to the next, just add new ones instead. For example, you could easily duplicate "Jane Doe" and "John Doe" and "Kathryn Doe - Biology Walk-Ins Only" and immediately move on to using Starting Availability Management to enter their available hours. If you duplicated "Fall Creative Writing Workshop," you would have to edit the name to say "Spring...," which might be inconvenient. You might instead add a new "Spring Creative Writing Workshop." (Duplicating makes an exact copy, so WCONLINE® cannot guess that now you would like something named "Spring" vs. "Fall.")

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SECTION 5: Duplicating Staff and Resources

SECTION 6: New Schedule Does Not Show Expected Results

SECTION 7: Special Case: Setting up A, B, etc. or 1, 2, etc. Days

SECTION 8: Using WCONLINE at Multiple Centers on Campus

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