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Using Group Appointments with Focuses

To allow clients to find staff and resources for specific areas, such as tutors who tutor in specific courses, you might have already added FOCUSES in Staff & Resource Management and set SELECT STAFF OR RESOURCES BY FOCUS to YES or REQUIRED in Schedule Management.

With focus selection REQUIRED, clients who have not selected a focus from the menu at the top of the schedule have to make a selection on the appointment form. If, with required focus selection, you also have staff and resources set to allow groups, or more than one client per time slot, using the NUMBER OF APPOINTMENTS PER TIME SLOT setting in Staff & Resource Management, clients in the same group have to share the same focus. The first client to make an appointment in a given opening selects a focus, and then, for subsequent clients viewing the schedule and that opening:

  • Clients see hover information showing the appointment's focus, such as "There is an existing group appointment in this slot. Click to join this appointment. The appointment has a focus of CHEM 202."
  • Clients who click to make an appointment have the focus displayed on the appointment form and cannot select a different focus.
  • Clients who choose a focus in the drop-down menu at the top of the schedule see any openings that already have non-matching focuses in your "unavailable" color (to make finding a group with a matching focus more efficient).
  • As a reminder, as in all group appointments, clients see filled groups in your "other appointments" color, neither clients nor administrators can make appointments that exceed the group size (as set in in Staff & Resource Management), and appointments in a group have to be the same length as each other.

Also with focus selection REQUIRED, with or without group appointments, System Statistics and the System Data Export list focuses with the rest of your appointment data. Keep in mind that each appointment in a group is a valid and independent appointment, so, you will always find each appointment in your reports.

The best place to find details and instructions on using focuses is in the section that describes the SELECT STAFF OR RESOURCES BY FOCUS setting in Schedule Management.

Frequently Asked Questions

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