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Schedule View, Navigation and Options


The schedule shows times across the top of each day and labeled on the hour, with staff and resource names down the left side. White spaces are available, and filled-in spaces have appointments or are unavailable. Before you set your own appointment colors, the darker blue or purple (depending on your screen) blocks are "blackouts" or unavailable hours.

Each type of user has a view of the schedule and of appointments corresponding to their level of access. Clients or students who are non-administrators cannot see other students' information. Nothing happens when they hover over appointments and blackout times, and their welcome menu allows access to only their own profile and appointments.

The "HELP?" menu shows brief instructions for using the schedule and a non-administrator's or administrator's color legend.

Clients and administrators make an appointment by clicking on a white space. (Administrators making group appointments can click to open an appointment and then add to the group.) Clients do not see the "client" list, repeating options or the "administrative options" area, and they have to fill out all your required fields. Administrators can make appointments for clients and can skip all required fields.

Chapter Sections

SECTION 1: Administrator and Non-Administrator Schedule Views

SECTION 2: Top Blue Bars With Options and Date Navigation

SECTION 3: Each Day: Times, Staff and Resources, Waiting List

SECTION 4: Slot Scheduling

SECTION 5: Focus Selection (Limit To Menu) Plus Group Appointments

SECTION 6: Pencil Icon

SECTION 7: Announcements, Time Clock, Waiting Room, and System Notices

SECTION 8: Possible Reasons for Grayed-Out Time Slots

SECTION 9: Reasons for the Schedule to Appear Blank to Clients

SECTION 10: Reasons Days Seem to be Missing or Closed