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QUESTIONS: Days are Missing or Closed

If you do not see a day or days on the schedule, check five possibilities:

  1. Is the day listed in Holidays & Closures Management (which is one of the two symbols at the top of Schedule Management), and are you in fact closed on that day? For example, you might worry that your schedule is missing the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, but then realize you needed to be closed that day. If you need to open the day, delete it as a closed day via Holidays & Closures Management. Deleting a holiday or closed day will not delete any data from your schedule.

  2. Are all your staff or resources unavailable that whole day? Use the schedule/blackouts toggle at the top of the schedule to switch to Blackout Times Managment to see if you see all staff or resources there with the whole day blacked out. (For example, if tutors are in one department, they might have an all-day event on that day. Or an administrator might have misunderstood how to accomplish something else and blacked out all the staff and resources' times on that day.) If you need to make some staff and resources available, see this section or any of the "add hours..." examples here.

  3. Is the day closed using the closed days of the week for that schedule in Schedule Management? If the day should be closed, it is correctly not appearing on your schedule. If the day should be open, edit your schedule to open the day. (As a suggestion, do this when not a lot of students are trying to make appointments, because you will most likely have to adjust staff and resource hours on that day.) When you open the day, depending on how your schedule was set up, you might already have everyone blacked out. If you still do not see the day, go into Blackout Times Management to make staff and resources available as needed. More likely, all staff and resources are wide open on that day. Go into Blackout Times Management to create new weekly repeating blackout times for their unavailable hours. If you are not sure how, there are examples here and here, under "repeating" halfway down the page. (Remember to use the "repeat blackout" option so that you have to set up unavailable hours only once. You do not have to go through each week of the schedule.)

  4. Are you using the "number of days in the future available for scheduling" in Schedule Management, and are you currently logged in as a non-administrator? If the "number of days..." happens to span two weekends or it is now a week before the beginning of the semester, you might see what appears to be too few days on the schedule. Log in as an administrator again and check Schedule Management as well as the current date and how many days you were looking at.

  5. Especially if this is toward the end of a semester, do you have an ending date under each staff or resource? You might need to edit each of those staff and resources to remove their "Available Dates." Note that when you add new staff or resources, the "Available Dates" are not necessary, since their dates will automatically match the schedule's dates. Only if someone is starting late or leaving/ending early do you need "Available Dates" for individual staff or resources.

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SECTION 1: Schedule Options and Colors

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SECTION 15: QUESTIONS: Days are Missing or Closed